Looking for a venue for a seminar

HI Tribers
Currently looking for a venue with the following spec for a LIVE Q+A event:

Capacity 70-100
Projector/PA System
London based
Budget £350-£500

Any ideas?:slight_smile:

Hi Tope,
What kind of event is it and whereabouts in London would be most appropriate?

This website might be useful for you: https://www.venuescanner.com/

The Sitdown is a live Q+A event, where we sit down and interview special guests to share their life stories in a bid to empower and inspire others around them.

LOCATION: East London /Shoreditch /Old Street AREA

Hi Tope,
Try these venues - there is a range of modern and more traditional venues there so hope one suits. Do let me know how it goes!

Huckletree Shoreditch (sustainable option! :earth_africa:)

Green Haus (sustainable option! :earth_africa:)

Shoreditch Platform

The Trampery Old Street

Juju’s Bar Brick Lane

Shoreditch Town Hall

Furniture Makers Hall

Thank you! Was able to find a spot in RISE LONDON - so all booked now:)


Hi all, looking for similar spec but West Brompton area for a training/seminar event every couple of months. I’ve tried the venuescanner and similar route but wondering if anyone on here as any recommendations?