Looking for an event dashboard to track KPIs

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@Roberto_Borges i thought it might be good to open up this discussion on a new thread:

Really interesting one, and I’m a bit stumped off the top of my head so hoping someone has a better answer. Maybe one of the other larger events organisers here is using something that fits the bill? @James.Mayes?

I’d be interested in this as well! Handy excel is as fancy as we’ve managed.

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For the social stuff, BrandWatch are my go-to. Good people, good product, good data. For last year’s conference in SF, we got sentiment analysis, gender breakdown, tweet locations, and a full count of social reach - all 17.5million impressions on #mtpcon. Love those guys.

On the attendee side, we tend to go with TypeForm for a post-event survey, including the all important NPS question (we’re getting near 70, haven’t broken through yet… but beating Apple feels good!).

For the other bits you mention, GDocs or Excel - nothing more complicated.

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Thank you @James.Mayes!

This could be of interest @Roberto_Borges:

Not having an easy way to access registration data is frustrating. Gotta download and massage in XL. Rinse and repeat to get revised figures.

Would like to have a scrambled URL (no login needed) to share with co-organizers to access registrant questions. They don’t need to remember yet another username + password for this information.

One example is meal choices. Just need the totals for the caterer.

Another example is the qty attending each session. Helps the presenters plan for handouts and organizers plan who’s in which room (by attendance size).

Zapier gives some hope but our registration questions change from event to event and fields must be setup everytime.

Hi Brad

Not an expert in this area but is there a way to do make this process easier using the API?

Came across this tool which could be helpful to you, although kind of similar to zapier: https://cyclr.com/features

Have tried the EventBrite API route without much success Nick. Can get a simple call and response but unable to move forward from that point.

Was hoping to sync data to a Google spreadsheet. No mapping every field for every event as required with Zapier. Just want to bring in all the fields from left to right then massage the data.

Been unsuccessful finding a how-to API to sync EventBrite to Google Sheets. Seems it would exist somewhere. Perhaps its not doable.

The cyclr option starts at $99/month. Too high just to retrieve some simple high-level data.

Have you had a look on the Eventbrite API forum?


Might be able to find the answer there

Hey there Rob, you should try out cyfe or neatly.io they have pretty cool dashboards. I guess it’ll depend on the tools you’re currently using and if they can get integrated in those one.

I use one slide in powerpoint which I update as required (one client prefers weekly another monthly). Each dashboard varies according to to the information I need to communicate.
I currently have a panel which shows key workstream and percentage completed, next action with task also allocated budget, sponsorship, exhibitors income, delegates registered by day etc

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Use eventsurvey360.com for NPS score,surveys and rewards for event participants using online winner picker at eventsurvey360.