Looking for Event Management Professionals or Company

Dear All, As per my company guidelines, I’m going to tender for a professional or company to assist with our annual awards evening. As I’m a one woman team and the project is so big, we hire additional support to help us deliver the event in purely and event management capacity.

I’m looking for recommendations from this tribe - have you worked with a freelancer or company who have done an outstanding job?

I’d be most grateful for your suggestions.

Many thanks!

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Can I put us forward?! We organise all kinds of events. We always consider their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Website at www.legacy-events.com.

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Thank you, Abena. With pleasure!

I will send the documents and cover email via the contact address on your website.

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Hi Julianne. Can I put forward www.boxedupevents.co.uk. We organise a number of events of all shapes & sizes!

Thanks please do, it is hello@legacy-events.com

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