Looking for free floor plan software (not just free trial!)?

hi, i need to draw a floor plan for a conference. Previously I have used Excel as it has been simple, but its too basic for what i am planning now. Can anyone suggest anything that is easy to use to help me with this, but also free (and not just a free trial, as need to be able to use it longer term but we have no budget!)
many thanks

Hi Amy, haven’t used any before but could be some good suggestions in this thread:


Free trials :disappointed:

hi Nick, many thanks for this. I will have a look.

Hi Amy,

It’s not specifically floor plan design software, but I daily use https://www.canva.com - free web-based graphic design tool.

(I use the paid for version, ‘Canva For Work’ as it gives added functionality and features, but the free version is on an ‘always-free’ basis & is packed with features, so you could start with an A4 canvas/document, then just add all the shapes, labels etc in as you see fit.)

It’s really easy to get to grips with, and if you search for Canva on YouTube, their channel has copious tutorials and walk-throughs on how to use it. But you’ll pick it up pretty quick as it’s really user-friendly in my opinion.

It’s an older video of theirs, and the site and it’s functionality have improved even further from what’s seen in this video, but it gives you a flavour of what it can do:

Canva Intro

hi Richard, many thanks for this. i will check it out

No worries

I use Canva but not for floorplans but might explore!

I haven’t found a free system that works for me yet. I fall back on power point (and photoshop). Not ideal but gets the job done. If the floor plan needs to be published for marketing, i will have it re-drawn by a designer, etc

I can recommend a freelancer who’s quite reasonable

I’d definitely give Canva a go with something like that. It may not have all the shortcut type stuff that proper software designed for the job would maybe have; but Canva is so user friendly, even adding elements into a design manually is nice and easy to do, so could work well as an alternative I think.

I’ve used Canva for all sorts of things over the years, including many things not in their normal stock of pre-sized templates etc. I should be on commission from them by now as I rave about them all the time! It’s absolutely revolutionised image creation for me - and I don’t say that lightly!

thanks all. am gonna have to stick with PP i think. Just cant get my head around Canva at all, really dont see how you would use it for anything other than over writing the templates they have?
have done my floor plan in PP now and it does the job so that’s fine.
thanks for all the replies.

Ah yes there’s copious templates for all manner of things, but you can start with a complete blank canvas then just add all the shapes and elements in you would need etc.
I’ll try and do a mock up example when I can grab a few mins.

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