Looking to collaborate with bar/club venues for fitness raves in Birmingham

We run Fitness pop ups in the West Midlands.

Strong Willed Awesome Energetic Tribe
Combat, Tone & Core 2hr weekend pop ups

Music is key and we want to marry buzzing venues with our tribe and vibe!

We want that club feeling, banging music and wicked fitness. Can be combined with healthy eating snack and smoothie/shake companies for the full experience.

Any colloborators/complementary companies who want to link up? Any venues open to ideas?

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Hi Adele,
Might be able to help with this - with the network of Birmingham businesses I’ve built up with our city centre networking group, I’ll know some people who could well be able to help out. (Off the top of my head, the sales manager for PRYZM nightclub on Broad St.
If you connect with me on LinkedIn (link in my profile) and put this post up on there (and tag me in it) I’ll respond and tag some people in too. Am sure there’ll be some useful replies that could be of use to you.

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