Lower cost options for a stage?

I just got a quote for $20,000 to rent a stage for the bands. Anyone else have a lower cost option? My thought is if you can put them together in pieces it would be much cheaper to buy some pieces and put together then rent a truck and I would own the stage!Any ideas/options would be appreciated!

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You can get modular stage decking. You can find it at wholesale prices on Alibaba https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/stage-deck.html The investment could be worth it if you will use it multiple times. When I’ve spoken to festival organisers, they’ve told me owning their own equipment saves them thousands on rental costs, but obviously the investment takes a little time to pay off.

We normally offer two options:
Steel deck (expensive, but super fast and can be any shape)

Scaff deck, cheaper decking, fixed height and takes longer to set up (about 1.25 times slower the steel deck)

If you really are stuck, ask a local scaffolding company to come do it for you in exchange for their logo on it or hire a flat bed truck (for outside events)

Any questions drop me a line.

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Whoa! $20,000 seems excessive, however this is really a “it depends” question.

  • It depends on if there is anything beyond the stage- does this include lighting and sound?
  • It depends does this include a roof to cover the stage
  • It depends on how big the stage is
  • It depends was this a Stageline system?
  • It depends what are the conditions for your event, could it be unsafe to be outside, for example?

Based on all that- there can be ways to reduce the cost if you’re just looking for a simple 32ft by 32ft stage for a band.

However, I strongly caution you, cheap and stage don’t mix. I’ve seen performers, dancers, and even childen fall through a stage deck because it was “cheap”. Don’t forget splinters, cuts, etc.

On the note of owning, keep in mind, how are you going to store it? Who is going to maintain it? Who is going to move it? How are you going to truck it? Who will do safety checks on it? Will what you buy work with other systems you can rent if you need to expand? How much is the insurance to own it? Keep in mind, by buying it, it’s not as simple as owning a laptop, you basically are entering the production industry and this can get complex. I have tons of clients though who buy the gear and us (the production company) maintain it.

I’d recommend to get 2-3 bids from other companies, provide them the quote you got but black out the name, and pricing (basically just give them a gear list) and ask them to make an apples to apples quote. It’ll let you see if that company is just ripping you off, or if maybe they are including more than you need.

Can you share some more info so we can get into the nitty gritty?

  • How big of a stage are you looking to rent?
  • What’s happening on the stage?
  • Where is the stage being placed?
  • What is your budget you want to get the stage into?

I did some recent Whiteboard Wednesday videos that might be helpful:
How much does event AV cost?
How to audit your AV budget

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Hey Will, great to see you over here! Super answer, with lots to think about. Interesting to hear about the 10% rule you mention in your video. I might start levying that when my son asks to borrow my phone :grin: