Meeting Industry trends to be aware of

Just spotted this Interesting piece on meeting industry trends: Have you noticed any other trends in this sector recently?

Personalised content I think is a big trend right now; tailoring the experience to the delegate for higher engagement.


I guess there’s so much competition not just in terms of similar events but also for people’s time so organisers are having to go that bit further. Have you experienced this done really well anywhere @Belinda_Booker?

Making the customer feel special is always a winning strategy, it is easy to achieve in small groups or for specific demographic events, but it is more challenging on the larger scale or for events with public ticket sales. This is why I am utilising social media to engage and learn about the customers. Its a lot of work but worth it if your goal is returning custom to your brand.

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I work with a company which sells video cards (branded cards that you open and a video plays automatically) and they have some customers who use these as event invitations with videos personalised for each invitee. Obviously this take a lot of effort, but boy does it impress the recipient!

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