Meeting space fees at a hotel

Hi everyone!

I am the treasurer for a conference committee for a professional conference happening in a couple years. It will be in a hotel that is not decided upon yet. We need to submit our budget to the society sponsoring our event, and they want me to go off of the budget spreadsheet from previous conferences.

I am seeing on this spreadsheet that there is no flat fee from the hotel to hold the conference (we are booking out ALL of the meeting spaces and are requiring that no other events/conferences be held simultaneously). The only costs from the hotel that I see are Food & Beverage related, Audio-visual, and a cash bar during the reception. Do hotels really not charge a fee for holding the event? Or is there some criterion that needs to be met?


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Hi Alicia

Some venues can be hired with a minimum spend on F&B, or the cost of the space may be included in the day delegate rate (DDR).

I’d advise that you call a venue finding agency, such as Classic Venue Solutions or Venue Search London, who will be able to give you a good idea of what your budget should be (and how that will most likely be broken down).

Great, thanks!

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