Mentor wanted/mentorship offered - post here!

We’ve had a number of threads about mentors, so here’s a section you can post, whether you’re looking for a mentor or you’re offering your services (free of charge only). Please include where you’re based in your post.

P.S. Did you know, there’s a special place in heaven for those who mentor?! Could you help someone by sharing your knowledge? :innocent:

A quick update on my fundraising event: As I am new to the vents planning and organising industry, the prospect of the second venue was a little overwhelming after speaking to the venue owner and discussing things in more detail. He gave me very positive feedback and fully supported the idea (even offered a VIP booth with 2 bottles of Grey Goose vodka and mixers for up to 5 people) but after speaking more and taking into consideration the clubs reputation and bookings so far, he was unable to provide a Friday, Saturday or Monday as they are the busiest nights and have events booked up for quite some time. I have resorted to the original plan of holding the event on one night in one venue and devoted time and resources to help gain the event as much exposure as possible. I have a meeting with the owner some time over the next few days to discuss things in more detail and come up with a suitable date for the event.

I am very much looking forward to the event and believe my dedication and passion will make it a huge success! However, in regards to my business module as a whole, I am currently working through an online course via the Princes’ trust and I have a dedicated mentor. The scope of the events planning and organising industry is much much bigger than I first imagined. So many things I need help with that I am struggling with (even by conducting research).

The biggest one is finding a suitable pricing structure and also, pricing strategy. As I will be outsourcing vendors to cater for prospective clients, I need to develop my own pricing structure and strategy. I fully appreciate many factors can have an affect on that such as area of operation, demographics including average wages etc etc…

I need help with the basics. Ideally, I would like for someone in the industry already to be sort of a mentor and someone who would be willing to share what their strategies are (preferably someone out of my region as I don’t want to infringe on their area of operation, clientele)

So many things are running through my mind and I just need someone who can help clear the basics up so I can reflect and build on a basic structure.

Any help I can receive will be appreciated beyond belief!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Leon, I’ve moved your post to this new thread - I hope someone can help.

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Thank you Belinda.

I really want to make my business work and I am currently taking up an online course through the princes’ trust. With all the work that needs to be done on there, I feel as though it isn’t designed for someone like myself who wants to get into the event planning and organising industry. I have been provided a mentor through the princes trust but they don’t work in the events industry and some of the feedback I am getting is causing me more stress and worry. I would love to have a mentor who already works in the event planning industry, preferably someone who works on their own accord as a self employed planner, who could answer my questions and guide me in the right direction.

I know I have the ability to succeed but I need guidance to help to coordinate all of my ideas into a solid structure. Hearing how someone else operates their business would help me to solidify my ideas.

I really hope someone can help me.
Thank you again!

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Hi Belinda,

I have seen some promising posts from you about accessing mentors. I am a 24 year old young woman seeking a mentor. Do you know of any opportunities currently available? I am based in London.

Thanks for your help! Georgina

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Hi Georgina. Why don’t you share some more details with the group? What are you currently doing work-wise?