Mobile card payments for traders - what info do you provide?

Hi Everyone

With the rapid increase of traders using their smart phones to use payment card readers via systems like iZettle, Paypal etc these tend to use GPRS, so more mobile than wi-fi I belive, I’m not a big teccy.

Do you:

  1. check the mobile phone signal strength as part of your planning process? Understanding that the more people in a confined space using their mobiles, the less the signal strength will be for the period of the event.
  2. do you provide information to inform traders of your wi-fi or mobile signal strength?
  3. cost up temporary solutions to the mobile network?
    c. contact the mast providers/network providers beforehand?

If you’re a trader do you even think about this or just expect its taken care of?

Cheers, Julie

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Great post @JulesOwl. Hopefully some tribesfolk on here will be able to answer your question and we will all learn a lot.