Mobile PA systems

Let’s discuss! I need to purchase a system for small conferences and seminars and would like some advice.

What works best for corporate events for speakers? What are the pitfalls? Which brands would you recommend? Which would you stay away from?


For mobile P.A systems they work best for informal gatherings and laid down events.However for corporate events, it is always wise to go the professional way by maximizing the sound quality and control of the sound.

The pitfalls of mobile P.A’s is the unreliability and the sound is just basic and simple.No variable tones or differences when different people speak.The brands are quite diverse no specifics, however just look for this capabilities to get the best :smile

  • Battery and power plug ins for the mains capability

  • 12v rechargeable battery.

  • 863 -865 MHz frequency range.

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Cheers Mark! I ran an event with a professional PA system just before Christmas and there was such a dramatic difference in sound quality and the organisation was a lot less fraught. I’ve seen the light, I’m going to abandon my sad little mobile PA system!

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