Naming your Business

I was wondering if I could get some feedback, I would like to know if I could stick to my current business name and make it official or change it? I was told that I should have a name appropriate to MICE industry, as well as making it more professional and marketable.

I currently call my business, GordanaInEvents. from a marketing your brand prospective would this work? or choose something that is more web searchable? because it’s all one word, would it still come up in an event planner search?

For example: GordanaInEvents is one word, would this be harder to search because it’s seeing the name as a whole? Or

Gordana In Events, would this be a better web search, because it explains what I do?

Would love your input, and if you could explain your thought process, naming your business.

Personally I would drop the in and run with Gordana Events.

In the digital age, your new business name must be SEO friendly. By that I mean that it’s easy to find on search engines and social media. There’s no point creating a generic business name like ABC Events because you’ll get drowned out in the results for other businesses called ABC Events. Come up with a name that’s associated with you and you only.

Search on the search engines, search on social media. If the results for your business name comes up with nothing found. Bingo! you’ve found a name that’s unique and easy to find when people are talking about you.

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Very good advice!

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Absolutely agree with both @MelissaJane and @DewiEirig - separating the words and dropping the ‘in’ would definitely help I reckon.

Also, if you’re networking etc, and someone can remember your first name and the industry you’re in but can’t remember your web address etc, you’ll pop up on search results straight away!


Thank you @MelissaJane @DewiEirig @nick_lawson, great advice, I like the suggestions, so I will go with Gordana Events, it’s not a huge change and the people that know me can still relate, and it is easy to search.


That’s a really good point Voicey!

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Agree, That’s totally me… I’m not great at remembering names but will remember some of it and enough to find that person by googling.