Negotiating with Venues

If Venues have nothing to loose whether your holding your event there or not, what kind of incentives or deals can help in negotiating a positive outcome with that venue?

These are just some of the things I came up with:
Venue advertising and broad casting on the day of the event. (is this something that is normaly charged)?
1 Complemetary event planning service to the venue.
Booking with them for a certain period of time.
Directing event company clients toward the venue.
Attendee data list.
Advertising venue on event company website. (is this something that is normaly charged)?

Any opinions are welcome.

Hi @Gordana1165 just to clarify, do you mean what incentives could a venue provide to the organiser to convince them to book with their venue; or what should an organiser do to secure the venue?

the 2nd one, what should an organizer do to secure a venue.

If you’re running regular events, then you could negotiate a good rate for all your events.

Also consider what days of the week/time of year are peak demand for the venue and see if you can work outside of this. E.g. it’s cheaper to book a Christmas party on a Tuesday than it is on a Friday

Thank you Nick for your help, it’s sometimes difficult to see what you can offer a venue, especially when they are well established and don’t really need your business because they are always booked out anyway and for them to bring their price down $5,000 or more dollars.