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Hi All,

As an event planner, I always wanted to manage an event all by myself. After long years working as associates and assistant finally, I got an opportunity in an event management company in Toronto. As I have spent all my career year in British Columbia, moving into Toronto was always exciting and much needed a boost for my career. After joining the firm my first client was a construction firm. The client said we will be inviting all the prominent construction companies in Toronto to show off their latest projects and attracting investors in the latest projects. They told me we are expecting around 500-700 people, there will be an individual stall for each company. Our venue for the show is in the heart of the city so that transportation won’t be an issue. As I am new to this place I am not aware of the internet provider in the area. I have researched myself and have got some prominent names which do provide event internet solution but I want to confirm after getting some suggestion from experts? Do please advise me?

@promoterGO you’re a local, can you help?

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Hi Patrick,

The source that most (close to 90%) of our event professionals use is, and they all seem to be happy with the service.

I should add that I am not at all affiliated with the company, but when we deal with designing the promotional materials our clients mention that they are the WiFi service providers. As you had mentioned them in your post, I figure they come at the top of a google list…and that is likely for a reason (they are used here quite often).

That being said, the other name that comes up with our clients is eventstream, and they seem to be more affordable for those who are starting up in event organizing in the GTA. Also, I don’t know anyone who works with and/or for the company, but those getting a start in the 6ix’s crazy event industry seem to like them as much as they like us at promoterGO.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the mention @Belinda_Booker!

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Thanks for the insight Sachin :+1: