New Member Welcome & Weekly Update 16/08/17

Hi guys hope you’re all very well and having great weeks, or off some exotic having a well earned break :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses: :airplane: :cocktail:

A couple of updates:

Anyway on to the important task of welcoming our awesome new EventTribers. It’s always daunting joining a new community, but if you’re new here please do feel completely free to…
a) Just say hi, tell us what your working on (we might be able to help) or why you joined EventTribe by commenting below!
or b) get stuck into our competition (details above).

A big welcome to…
Maria Hayden @Maria_Hayden COO - Headliner
Darren Morrin @Morro Event Manager - Morro Entertainment
Camilo Gómez Pinto @camiah86 Founder - Once Upon a Whisky
sarah cleary @Rocky_4 sarah - Academic Consultant and Event Manager
Simona Murphy @Simona_Murphy Founder - Simona Murphy Beauty & Wellness
Kimberley Pettitt @kim17 Event Manager - Bright Spark Events
Kate Hallett @Kallett Events Director - Winshaw
Stan Mcleod @Stan_Mcleod CEO / Founder - Headliner Entertainment
David Neely @David1 Event Manager - Bit Of A Do
Simon Skidmore @Simon1974 Youth and Communituy Worker - Warrington Council
Geordie Barker @geordieb Director - Parachute International
Emily Wild @Emily_Wild Events Executive - Guernsey Finance
Jim Hiddleston @Jim_Hiddleston Freelancer - Midlothian Events @adrianpeck1 Trainer - Ahead in Speaking
Reni Alice @HerMajestyTheQueen Event Organizer - Miss Curvy and Proud International
Tom Siddons @Tom_Siddons Founder & CEO - Glocalise Ltd
Molly Ure @MIssMolly Event Manager and Coordinator - 1987
Elio Assuncao @ElioAssuncao Founder - Events
Matt Brocklehurst @MattyB CTO - AWOL Adventure - Event Photo Sharing
Maresa Clancy @Maresa_Clancy Marketing Manager - Inverarity Morton
Cauline Grant @Cee123 Events organiser - Events
Adéle Walker @Adele_Walker Adele - SAFFAevents & Promotions
Marie Wheeler @Marie_Wheeler photographer -
Nicole Rochette @Nicole_Rochette Sr. Experiential Producer - We Are Alexander
Kat Winfield @kat Events Sales Manager - BMA House
Owen Daniel @owendaniel Director of Events & Marketing - Consultant for Hire
Deborahkeogh @Deborah Burlesque fitness instructor - Coco Love
Vanessa Aradia Myatt @Vanessa_Aradia_Myatt Director - The Training Centre of Wellbeing
Fiona Seigneur @seigneursuccess27 Event Manager - Seigneur Strategies
Anna @anna_b General Manager - 3-API
Andy Leiter @andymarketing principal - Leiter Communications
Michelle @Michelle1 Events Manager - Enya Events Management
Anna Njie @Anjie Event Director - Fashion4Africa LTD
Louise Waddington @Louisewaddington Owner and producer - Burlesque Wonderland
Melanie Malcolm @Melanie_Malcolm Founder - Yorkshire Ladies Links & Yorkshire Choice Awards
KathrynL @Kat_L EM - The radio world
Annette Lebreton @Annette_Lebreton Event planner - Freelancer
Ruth Cunliffe @Ruthie Event manager - Freelance
Lux Cam Amo @LuxCam_Amo Event Organizer - Freelancer
Katherine Mason @Katherine_Mason Event Manager - Freelancer
Mary-Louise Chandler @MarylouisePresenter Director /CEO - Kingdom of Curves
Iliana Lorenzo @Iliana_Lorenzo Catering Coordinator - Flagship @ FB
Suzanne Borrell @Suzanne Director - What’s On 4
Rachel Brooke @RachFB Community Engagement - Heart Research UK
Amanda McLoughlin @ALM Events & Marketing - Kingston Chamber of Commerce
Zoe Tuffs @ZoeT Business Development Manager - WONDER London
Jonathan Downie @DrInterpreter Consultant Interpreter - Integrity Languages
Victoria Masso @Victoria_Masso Human Dynamics Coach and Body Language Trainer - beorigami
Sarah Batchelor @Sarah_Batchelor Owner - edwardrussellHealth Care Limited
Simile S @Simile_S Business Development Manager - Universal Immigration
Emma Warren @Emma_Warren Marketing Manager - The Other Art Fair
Leonie Bulman @Leonie_B Research Director - BDRC Continental
amanda Periam @festivalqueen amanda - Mrs
Dani Ambel @Dani_Ambel Head of staffing - events
Lisa Hardiman @LiseH Events Alchemist - Really Good Events
Lisa Marie Rowe @Lisa_Marie_Rowe Event Planner - Freelancer
Christelle Majtas @Christelle Founder - Mum O’Clock
Gemma Simmons @Gemma_Simmons Community, Relationship & Event Manager - The Office Group
Raychel Mc Guin @Raychel_McGuin Marketing Manager - Leeds City College
Alsa @Alsa - - -
MISS SARAH DENNIS @sazzlejd Marketing Manager - Sagittarius
Jasmine Wheelhouse @noxviii Managing Director - No. 18 Ltd
Julie Cooper @Julie_Cooper Licensee - The Nags Head
Helene Roberts @Helene_Roberts Event manager - tactileBOSCH
Lindsay Hodges @Lindsay_Hodges Events Manager - Freelancer
Nicky Dunn @pisociety CEO - Pi Society
Rachel Gough @Rachel_Gough Inspirer - Inspired Marketing
Cheryl Goff @CherylGoff Manager - SHSCEvents - NHS National Services Scotland
Emily Love @EmilyJaneLove Event Creator - Inspired Heart Events
Cassy Brown @cassypro Backstage management, production assistant - Freelancer
Karin Pointner @Karin_Pointner Head of Admissions - Event Academy
Mystique @Mystique CEO - Elephants Swimming
Rebecca Anderson @Rebecca_Anderson Event Organiser - The Diva’s club
Wesley Evans @Wesleyevs Director - WVE
Ben Macrow @Bmacrow Freelance Video Engineer - Ben Macrow - Video Technician
Anna Ridley @AnnasPlace Founder - Anna’s Place Ltd
Kirstie Hoskin @kirstiehoskin Event Manager - Igloo Disco
Emma Haslam @Emma Mindfulness Teacher - Settled Minds
Sophy @sophywaller Event Assistant - Igloo Disco
Heena Solanki @Heena Director - Event Gurus
Laura Carus @Laura_Carus Event Ops Director - Mackerel Ske Events
Makeila Estelle @Makeila Events Executive - ICMP Management
jenna hayden @jmhayden999 events fundraiser - highland hospice
Sophei Boyd @SophieBoyd Event Planner - Freelancer
Helena Hughes @LennieHughes Owner - Phono Media UK
Rachel Allan @Rachel_Allan events and marketing - freelancer
Nick Birch @NickBirch Nick - Blackberry Productions
Mona Adam @Monaliza Mona - Nova New Opportunities
Allan Trow @DSW Owner - Dark Sky Wales
Mark Pearson @markpearson Event Fundraising Manager - Claire House Children’s Hospice
Simon Draper @Simon_Draper Dir - Director
Miss lisa lauder @Lalauder Event Manager - Roulette Media
Pippa Hitchcock @Pippa_Hitchcock Directlgbn - Long Hop Partnership Ltd
Andy Nash @Andy_Nash n/a - n/a
Matt Walker @Matt_Walker na - na
Lawunmi @Lawunmi Wedding Planner - Golden Aisle Weddings
Anastasia Witts @ArtistDigital Director -
Amanda Hill @Amanda1972 Event Manager - Textiles by Amanda Hill Events
Samir Pekaz @Sami_Pekaz CEO - CrewLance

Great to have you all here!


Gosh so many new Event Tribers! How many members are there in total now?

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the mention. It really made me feel at home.

I am a consultant interpreter, which means that I build teams of interpreters for international events. I also work closely with a specialist AV supplier to get the right equipment onsite and ready to go.

I would love to meet event organisers who organise events that involve more than one language, especially if they are outward focused sales, PR, press, promotional or cultural events.



PS. I also recently released a course for people who want to improve their public speaking. If you are interested, contact me.

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Hey Jonathan, I’ve just been listening to Crackanory, which is a free download on Audible, and one of the stories is called The Translator. It’s very funny. I think you’d appreciate it!

Thank you Nick for the mention and I’m getting there slowly but surely

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Thanks peeps… will be digging into a bit more in the imminent future as shortly off to a new destination in the sun.

Also about to setup a DJ/artist management service for anyone interested in booking international DJ talent; will be focused on the Middle East and Asia.

Keep on keeping on people…