New to event management - need help with a concert event

I am founder of a fan run concert event, called EuroStarz. This is a concert event that takes place in London and features past acts from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Along with two fellow fans, we formed an Events Team and successfully held our first event last August at a pub venue, the Star of Kings, near Kings Cross. The concert featured 6 acts - Nicki French (UK, 2000), Alex Larke (UK, 2015), Karl Lund (UK National Finals, 2016), Martin Fitch (Poland, 2010), Valentina Monetta (San Marino 2012, 2013 & 2014) and 2013 winner, Emmelie de Forest from Denmark.

We are heavily planning our next event, set for 19 August.

Completely new to events management so on a sharp learning curve! Our venue this year will be the Star of Kings again, but going forward from 2018 onwards, we need a bigger venue that caters for 150-200 people; possibly even use a hotel?

We are also eager to secure sponsorship.

Any help that anyone can offer would be appreciated.

For further information, see our website:


Wow! That sounds like quite an undertaking! Have you considered the Kings Cross Theatre ? I’ve no idea on costs but it’s a versatile space with good facilities and close to the station so easily accessible. Think it seats around 500+ so maybe further down the road for you although there may be other elements to it which are more feasible for you. It’s where they ran The Railway Children & Into The Heights. If you ran it on a day the theatre is dark (usually a Sunday or a Monday) and were able to work around whatever is running there at the time you might have more negotiating power.
Good luck!

Hi Melissa

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have included this on my shortlist now and will seriously investigate further.

Our second EuroStarz event is set for 19 August, we’ve booked six fabulous artists and just put tickets on sale - getting a really great response. So, fingers crossed, here’s to a successful event!

Kind regards


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Hope it goes well Caroline!