New UK Platform for Hiring Event Supplies Online

Hi guys,

I’m new and wanted to quickly introduce myself.

I’m part of a really neat startup called Rentuu - Europe’s first VC-backed platform for hiring event equipment online.

We basically do all the heavy lifting for you. With dedicated account managers and hundreds of suppliers on board, we help eventprofs save heaps of time (and money) by finding the best supplies for you and your event.

Anyways - please do feel free to give me a shout if you need anything. And, in the meantime, here’s an article highlighting how we can help you.

Rentuu Rolls Out A Bespoke Service For All Your Event Hiring Needs

(also I apologise if this isn’t allowed - I saw a couple of promo posts before so assumed it’s ok to post but no worries if not)

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Hi Andrew, this looks like a really useful service. How about if event organisers are having problems sourcing particular things, is that something Rentuu can help with? Have you had any unusual requests you’ve been able to fulfil?

Yes, absolutely - that’s essentially our speciality.

For example, just last week, we sourced 180 4x3 tables for The University of Bangor. They were organising a large-scale event and seven suppliers agreed to provide the tables, but then bailed last minute. They were in a bit of a stress about this and so turned to us for help. Nirvana, our wonderful account manager, managed to fulfill the order in 45 minutes’ time! That’s just one example of us helping a business or event planner that finds themselves in a tricky situation.

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You must have a great supplier network! EventTribers will know who to turn to if they need something sourced. Best of luck with the platform.

Thanks very much, Belinda.