New User Welcome! 🙂

Hi guys hope you’re all having great weeks. Felt like time to give a warm welcome to some of our newer EventTribers who have joined our community lately, and give you all a chance to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

So, if you’re new here, or just feel like reintroducing yourselves, now is your chance to say hi, tell us what you’re working on or why you joined us - we love hearing from you.

A big welcome to…

Sam Varriale @Sam_Varriale Head of Business Development - Irrefutable Health
Will Bowes @Will_Bowes Head of Brand - Linn Systems ltd
Lynnda Worsnop @LynndaW Event Coordinator - The Sparking Business Club
Amy Phillipson @Amy2604 Event Organiser - Event and Party Planners
Tristan Wheeler @TristanWheeler Managing Director - Shoot Booth
Anton Smith @Broomhill Manager - Blues Bar Ltd
Lisa Faulkner @LisaSarah Marketing Manager - Marketing Manager
Olivia @DigitalOlivia Content & Social Media Lead - Freelancer
Sara White @Sara_White Marketing Manager - Timebased Events
Rebecca Young @Beckyamoi Event manager - Freelancer
Nikolas Barrera @Nikolas_Barrera Director - Kommunity
Nina Li @ninali77 Event coordinator - Dealmoon
Izzat Rakhimov @Izzat_Rakhimov CRM Manager/Marketing and IELTS tutor - ORIENT STUDy LLC
Beverley Hepting @Beverley_Hepting Head Zebracorn trainer - Discover Your Voice
Ruth @Ruth Director - Amish Event Planning Services
Marco Cremona @Marco_Cremona Senior software Engineer - RED Software Systems
Jonathan @jlabete4 Marketing Manager - Cadence
Ne Tikai BizneÅ¡o Latvia @NeTikaiBizness Fonder - Ne Tikai Bizness -It’s not just a Business
Obay Hamed @obay Web Developer - Flta Tech
Ne Tikai Bizness Latvia @NeTikaiBiznessLatvia Founder - Events
Richard Millington @Richard_Millington Managing Director - FeverBee
Troy Wilde @Troy_Wilde Co-Owner - Wilde About Crafts
Francis Skaryna @FrancisSkaryna Secretary to the Board of Trustees - the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum in London
Rheena Paday @tsujeai Production Director - Freelancer
Vivien Ooi @Vivien Events Director - Mustard Seed Events
Vidol Chalamov @Vidol_Chalamov VP PR & Marketing - JCI Plovdiv
Anna Vero @Anvee Artist - Freelancer
Debra King @Debra_King Experiences Specialist - Freelancer
Adrian Studd @AdrianStudd Director - Pro Conference UK Limited
Nina copely @Ncopely Owner - Orchestrate events
Nhlanhla Ledwaba @Nhlanhla_Ledwaba Director - Glamoureux events
Stephen @sdewijn Senior Strategic Account Manager - Eventbrite
Yu Nan @Araus_Agency Creative Director - Araus Agency
Roberta @RobertaD Event Managaer - Events Pr
Joanne Abbott @Joannee Education and Training Events Coordinator - ABDO CET
Amy MacDonald @avm1 Event Host - Girl Gone International
Roweda Petersen @Roweda_Petersen Marketing and Events, FPI -
Greene’s Tutorial College Lisbon @Greenes Tutorial Method - Greene’s Tutorial College
Angeles @acuerda Business development - Freelancer
Jenn Townsend @Jenn_Townsend Head Field Hockey Coach - Nichols College
Aude Bezler @Aude_Bezler Event Manager - ICAEW
Menchie S @Menchiess PM - Ppc
Emelia Spofforth Jones @Emelia_Spofforth Private Hire Manager - Everyman Media Group
Peyton Rodrigues @Peyton_Rodrigues T - Events
Wahab Anuoluwapo @Anumighty Software Developer - Nerve Mobile
Michelle Albaniel @Michelle_Albaniel Events Officer - Henley Business School, University of Reading
Octavio Ramírez @octavio Marketing & Community - Oarsis
Natalie Wootton @Nat Head of Events - GDS
Nirav Yatin Kora @Veeheal Founder - Veeheal
Indu Ya @Indu_Ya Event Manager - GoodwillXpress
Velvett Stratford-Wright @velvettrsw Event Sponsorship Manager - ESI Live
Jyri Lempinen @jylempi board member - Value Creative osk
Xinjie Dong @dongxinjie1994 event organizer - freelancer
Kaushik @Sunaina Sales and Marketing Coordinator - Pivot Software
Yuval Goldstein @Yuval_Goldstein VP Products - TestFairy
Kimberly Tague @kathomastague Event Manager - Cheshire West Ladies Networking Group
Mandla Shooter Blekk @Mandla_Shooter_Blekk Event organizer - Skyfall
Zurine Jimenez Alzorriz @Zuri Event Coordinator - Looking for a job
master @master Manager - Anubis-it
Gilberto Briceño Gomez @Gilberto_Briceno_Gom Chef - Entrepeneur
Lily Grace @LilyGraceBurford Event Coordinator - DG Publishing
valeriia @vtrush senior tax analyst - deloitte llp
Lizbeth Gennaro @lizy1778 Business Development - Hilton Ocala
Mr I Stewart @iain Organiser. Event Safety. Project Manager - Freelance
Linda C @LMC Event Manager - The Vinyl Vegan
Catherine McGlone @Catharama Events and Project Manager - Fellowship for British Hairdressing
Paul Couchman @Paul_Couchman Social Media - The Regency Town House
Jan Softa @jsofta Director - Omnoptix
Alex Kaye @kayehartevents Creative Director - Kaye Hart Events
Jacqui Douglas @JacquiD Events - Freelance
Pauline Orr @Senna Branch Secretary - Linlithgow SNP
Mike Rolas @Lambily Event Cord. - Lambily, LLC
Wisit Wongchaianukul @Wisit_Wongchaianukul CEO - Freelancer
Carmen @Carmen Cultural Manager & Communication - Fundación elpuente
Heather Jones @Heather93 Assistant Manager - The Yellow Book
Andrew Woodyatt @AndrewW Marketing & Development - Rio Cinema Dalston
Benedetta Venturini @Benedetta Event Manager - Realise Music
Imani M James @Imani_Inspired Empowered Living Coach - Imani.Inspired
Veatriki Poulou @Veatriki_Poulou Greek playgroup - Tsaf Tsouf
Gaoyao Xiao @Gaoyao_Xiao SWE - Microsoft
Alena Dyachina @geniuskids Director - Genius Kids Academy
Maaliki Tree Services @maalikitree Business Owner - Maaliki Tree Services

Great to have you all here :slight_smile:

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Hi Nick & everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Tristan Wheeler, I own Shoot Booth which is Ireland’s largest supplier of professional event photo booths, selfie mirrors and hashtag printers. We are known for everything from weddings, parties, corporate events, balls, awards, launches all the way to conferences, exhibitions, musical festivals and national experiential marketing campaigns.

We supply equipment around the entire Island of Ireland so any event organisers looking for fun entertainment please get in touch. We also work with entertaiment venues with installation and management of vending photo booths.

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Hi Nick, All!

My Name is Lily Grace and I have just started my new role as the event coordinator for a publishing company. I am now the sole event coordinator for the company and will be organizing an array of events over the year in many locations. Our events are very corporate based, with a few dinners and awards thrown in as well. This is my first big leap into an event management role and a big step up from my previous assistant role! I’m looking forward to being able to connect, network and source knowledge and resources from you all!


Wow! What a great mix of people. Look forward to seeing you all around the site and please do give us the benefit of your experience by commenting on posts as well as posting your own questions.

Welcome All!!!:slight_smile: