New User Welcome!

Hello all, hope you’re having great weeks. Just taking the chance to do the important task of welcoming all the new EventTribers we’ve gained over the last week or so.

Posting in a new community is always daunting, but if you’re new here, please do feel free to say hi, tell us what you’re working on or why you joined us - we love hearing from you :slight_smile:

Also if you feel you can help out with either this questions about live twitter polling or this one on the best webinar platform to use please do just jump in.

A big hello and welcome to…

Nicola akers @Nickie1979 L&d specialist - Specsavers
Martin Ferro Thomsen @Martin_Ferro-Thomsen X - X
nabilios @Nabilios.bpdxb ceo - beautiful people dubai
Matt Gunderson @mattgundysf Assoociate Director, Global Events - Firewood Marketing
Rachael Sabin @RachaelSabin Festival Manager - Aum Productions
Charlotte Duzong @Charlotte_Duzong Owner - Charlotte Duzong
Dr Jack Xia @jack.xia Chief Actuary - Axinan
Rufes @rufes Event manager - Rufessocial
Adrian Charsley @Ade Designer - Adrian Charsley Associates
Darrylleen @Lemiche Owner - Events
Pradeep Prabhu @pprabhu007 Founder & CEO - RA Event Productions
Anna Kristina Doctolero @tintindoctolero Activations Manager - Activations Advertising Inc.
Andre Whitehead @alwhite Executive Director - Esports Now
Teila&Kelly @TeilaKelly Event Manager - Eventful Dreams
Alexandra Wilson @Alexandra_Wilson Event Manager - Isle of Man Government / Freelancer
Lindy Lin @Lindy Marcom Manager - Amara Singapore
Anghelo Pangilinan @anghelo_pangilinan Events Manager/ Owner - Golden AAP Events Management
Suhit Sthapit @suhit_sthapit Student - University of Technology Sydney
Stavroula Katsoula Kavalli @stav_paros Marketing Communications Coordinator - WTE
Lize Nauta @Lize_Nauta Events manager - Black box events
Daphne Mabhiza @Daphne_Mabhiza Event coordinator - Freelancer
Tapiwa Chinyadza @Tapiwa_Chinyadza General Manager - Creatives4Africa
Roberto Fares @Roberto_Fares Consultant - OpenKnowlegdge
Fruzsina Szabo @Fruzsina_Szabo Event Manager - Graphisoft
Jeff Bedia @Jeff_Bedia Rector - Washington Oratory
Michael Raer @Michael_Raer Senior Software Development Engineering Manager - Skype
Caron Lyon @pcmcreative Director / social content producer - PCM creative audience
Jenny Lilian Louisa Darlow @Jenny_Lilian_Louisa Events Marketing Manager - Events Venue
Yoav Barel @Yoav_Barel CEO & Founder - Chatbot Summit
Rinkle @Rinklekapoor Event organizer - Éclat
Brianna Nobles @Brianna_Nobles VP of Marketing - Red Mountain Event Center
Shivanka Tissera @Eventsman General Manager - The Eventsman
Kristy Backlund @KristyL Event Manager - Freelancer
Kawira Enid @Kawira_Enid Events planner - akapapyrus
Zsuzsanna Horcsog @Zsu Event Manager - Freelancer
Alexander Karakashev @Alexander_Karakashev Channel Partners - Chaos Group
john griffith @griffith production manager - panoram production
Jaunie Lee Vrey @Jaunie_Lee_Vrey Event Manager - Jaunies Blooming Events
Sophie Hanson @Orangutan Communication and Project Coordinator - Orangutan Foundation
tnishikata @tnishikata Researcher - NRIA
lucy adnerson @jeni045 Essay Writing Service - Thesis Writing Service @donnamct Owner - KAOS
Eli @EliCor Marketing - T-Mobile
Carlos Benavides Montenegro @carlos_benavides_mon web develper - Freelancer
emma watson @jeni605 Dissertation Help - homework help
Manisha Chopra @AcademySeaSoul Co-Founder - SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals Pvt Ltd
Maja @maja Head of Marketing - Freelancer
Ruth Benny @Ruth_Benny Founder and Head Girl - Top Schools Ltd
Carlie Seibert @Carlie_Seibert Leadership - SNA sweet and meet
Wendy Kelly @wkelly Director of Community Outreach - Special Olympics Utah
Ray Sheehan @oldcitymedia Owner - Old City Media
Penny Abbott @RDFleet Race Director - Fleet & Crookham AC
Jamari Warren @GreaterDestiny Mime Choreograper - Religous Organization
jeni disuja @jeni606 Paper Writing Service - homework help
Nancy Kumar @Nancy_Kumar Client Servicing - TEC India Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Keir Whitaker @keirwhitaker Event Marketing Lead - Shopify
Driss Boumlik @drissboumlik Web / Developer - Freelancer
J Harvey @Jhtrailer Leader - UoS
Chíp Yêu @Chip_Yeu HR Supervisor, employee service - General Motors
Duncan’s events management @duncanevents Events Manager - events
Ben Bowen @Ben_Bowen General Manager - HAP Recruitment
Mai Trinh @maitrinh1102 Event Trainee - Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School, AUS
Yafi Rochadi @Yafi Event & Activation Director - Dua Synergy Communications
Kat Humble @gingertabby Communications Officer - Autistic UK
Jesper Vestergaard @jespervega Product Director & Co-founder - Conferize
Rosario Federico @Rosario_Federico trainee - Studio Legale Riponi Lovato
Eyal Shahar @Eyal Account Executive - ASI System Integration
Sam Wang @Hsuan-shan_Wang Air Quality Specialist - SCAQMD
Elena Centineo @Elena_Centineo P.R. - Delta
Ros @RB182 Events Manager - RB
Le Ru @Le_Ru admin ass - Guardian Service Industries
Adriana Hidalgo @AdrianaHiRo Project Manager - Barceló Congresos
Udayakumar Chandrasekaran @udaycrescent Event Mannager - Freelancer
Muhammad Naeem @Muhammad_Naeem_Malik Marketing Manager -
James/Sam/Richard @wellblacksolutions Head of Global Event Domination - thunderstruck
Erminia Pedata @Ermy Language Coach and teacher - The Language Rose
Asia Galik @Asia_Galik Event Assistant - Student at University of Derby
Mohammad Mahdi Kamani @mmkamani Secretary - Iranian Student Association at Penn State University
Hauling B.B.T.S. L.A @haulingbbtsla Owner - Hauling B.B.T.S. L.A
Elicca Susan @Elicca_Susan CEO - samaq
Heli Luokkamäki @Heli_Luokkamaki Kouluttaja - Koulia
Žemyna Mač @Zemyna_Mac Digital media specialist - Edumint
Melanie Bernard @MelanieB Marketing and Events Specialist - 9 Spokes
Teresa Oliveira @foodwatchers Food Watchers - Food Watchers
Joseph Emmett @Joseph_Emmett Director - Mighty Events
Jason hulott @Jhulott Director - Speedie Consultants Limited
Lloyd James Griffiths @LloydGriffiths Event Manager - Gwdihw Cafe Bar
Sandra O’Toole @sandraotoole Founder - Keep Smiling Productions Ltd
eregnow @eregnow event planner - eregnow
Julie Fitzsimmons @Juliefitz Manager - EVENTMANAGERNI
Agnieszka @Agnieszka Events Manager - Events

Great to have you all here :slight_smile:

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