[Online Event] The Impact of GDPR on Marketing & Event Professionals - 22 Nov

Worried about what the impending changes to the Data Protection Act (GDPR) might mean for your business and events?

Join @LouiseTriance and Mike Piddock as they talk through what GDPR legislation is, and what you need to do to make sure you not only stay legal, but can continue to market your events and communicate with your customers effectively. This is an interactive Chat Show where you can ask Mike questions during the event.

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Ask your questions below and we’ll make sure they’re answered on the show!



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Useful webinar yesterday, thanks to EventTribe for putting it on. :slight_smile:

There’s one bit I’m still not too sure on, and that’s business card draws, that was mentioned within the webinar. (I may have missed some of it or misunderstood).

At our monthly meetings, in the past, we’ve had a business card draw to win a bottle of wine - which has been a good way of getting every attendee’s business card in order for us to add them on to the database - especially handy if they’re new to us.
Obviously when GDPR hits, this won’t be permissible in the way we’ve been doing it.

A lot of the whitepapers etc I’ve been reading up re. GDPR, they make mention of the fact that asking for verbal permission for database addition is ok - but how do you prove it? So my thought was to ongoing, ask permission at the meeting, and then add them onto the database, but only via the front end website form, not the back end - so they would still have the email come through to them essentially saying ‘are you sure?’ - so only by them clicking the link to confirm opt-in would they then be on the database.
So if they ignore the email, it’ll mean they won’t be added on to the database.

Did anyone else catch what the recommendation was there as I may have got the wrong end of the stick?

Obviously capturing people’s data is a huge part of the routine for event organisers, so I don’t want to have to miss out on making sure that people receive our emails who want to receive them.

What are other people planning on doing? Have a notice on the collecting bucket etc saying that if you put your card in, you’ll be added - but you’ll still retain the option to not confirm signup?

Interested to hear your thoughts…


I’m not sure we totally answered the question but you can watch the show again here https://www.crowdcast.io/e/the-impact-of-gdpr-on

I’ve seen the “virtual” business card draw done more recently with an ipad at events. Attendees enter basic details on the host’s ipad (and would of course now ticket a consent box) and then an entry is drawn at random.

Would that work for you?

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