Online scheduling quick wins?

Does anyone use any online scheduling software to get availability from speakers?

I work in a team that takes requests for training to be run in-house at a customers place of work, requests for our staff to speak at other’s events and events that we coordinate that are open for individuals to attend. I have a pool of trainers and speakers that I call upon for all these different types of events.

At the moment I send out a weekly spreadsheet that lists the different organisations requesting our training/speaker slots, the various dates and times on offer, the location and other details such as the presentation they are asking us to present. The pool of speakers then reply individually to me and I collate into the spreadsheet and then the following week go back out with confirmations and seeking availability for the next load of requests that come in.

I’m looking to automate this - have looked at Doddle so far but it doesn’t allow the complexity of information I need to put in.

Hi Hannah, interesting one - sounds like you have a time consuming task on your hands :slight_smile:

Have you heard of liveforce? It’s a tool for staff management that sounds like it could fit your needs.

I was talking about it a little while back in this thread here:

Could also be some other good suggestions in that thread. Let me know what you think

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