Online tool for asking people to submit questions ahead of a seminar?

Hi folks,

Is anyone aware of any online tool that can enable people to submit questions etc, and compile them privately all in one place?

We’re planning to run a seminar on GDPR here in B’ham next month, and we’ve got the speaker lined up. He said he’d prefer to get some Q’s in ahead of time as Q&A sessions can invariably get a little out of hand time-wise on the day, so wondering if there’s a simple tool I can send people along with the booking link where they can submit questions, and it’ll all compile them into one central document (only viewable by me) ready for me to save/print off my end before the event.

Anyone come across anything like that? Had a feeling it’s the kind of thing Google Docs or similar would perhaps handle, or Survey Monkey etc, but just in case there’s a dedicated (hopefully free!) tool I thought I’d see if anyone knew of anything first.

Many thanks all!

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Take a look at this: It’s free and seems to have the functionality you’re after.

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Create a secret or private group on Facebook.

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Fab thanks @Belinda_Booker - will take a look.

I’m not a fan of Facebook, never use it.
However we do have our own online forum on the website we could use - just seeing if there was a way to combine everyone’s questions in a central document rather than having to copy/paste everything ahead of time, or likewise with people emailing me their questions directly…

@Voicey pretty sure you can do this with

We use it for internal meetings/presentations quite regularly.

Also Google Forms would work perfectly for this too.

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Brilliant, thanks for that @nick_lawson

Another vote for here, great service.


Let me also recommend

There is a free plan.

It is very easy to use - just create an account, create an event and share a link to event with the participants.
They will be able to submit questions and vote for questions they want to be answered.

So, not only you are getting a list, but also, sorted by importance.
However, all questions will be visible to event participants.

Disclaimer: I own it.

Looks good, thanks @michal1 - will check it out for future reference.

Well, we have our GDPR event coming up next Weds, and for ease, due to it being the quick and dirty method of doing it, I ended up using a Google Forms setup to get people to ask questions in advance.

Has seemingly worked quite well, we’ve had about 11 questions submitted so far, ready for submission to our speaker ahead of time.

Roll on the actual event now, we’re ready! Full house booked up, 50 will be in the room. Hopefully should prove useful for people, and demystify it a little.

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Another vote for Slido! Also, you could ask people to submit questions as part of the sign up process.