Open space for hosting 3000 people

Hi everyone… I’m wondering if anyone could help me with this… I need to find a venue which can host around 3000 people for 1 day event where there must be some green space because there will be some kind of sport games going on during the day.
Any idea? I thought about hyde park but the guidelines just put me off so badly… Also I couldn’t manage to find out what the price could be…
It’s so difficult…:frowning:

Hi @lauradicicco, what about one of the commons in South London? Wandsworth common? Streatham common? Clapham common?

Or Victoria Park or Hackney Downs in North East London?

thank you very much @muonabena i really appreciate your suggestions! I think my team work is agreeing about something central so Victoria Park could be a real good venue for us!!!

thank you so much! do you have any idea of how to hire that space? where shall i ask to?
thank you again

It’s a public park so I would imagine that you would go through Tower Hamlets council. I found this information online:

Victoria Park Admin Officer (contact for bookings): Jalal Miah
Tel: 020 7364 5393
For information enquiries regarding commercial festivals and events in the park:


Wow @muonabena thank you very much!!!
That’s great!!

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