Organising a university event

Organising an event at university is a great way for students interested in event management to gain experience, but how do they gain permission?

Are there restrictions on the types of events they can hold and what kind of support can they get from the university? @Julia_Baron is this something you have expertise in? Any other uni event officers out there?

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I would suggest that 2 great places to start to enquire would be the Students Union- Students could get involved with RAG (Raise and Give) or look to offer help and support to societies who wish to put on events.

Secondly another great place to try would be the Sports Department- They’re always looking to promote fixtures or increase their participation in sport rates- Putting on events is a quick win to get the masses involved!

Of course their are always restrictions- Universities won’t want anything which is a potential conflict or interest or damaging to the student experience or reputation of the university, however on the whole universities are very receptive to students wishing to gain experience.

Great ideas - thanks @Jacq555 ! How about if students wanted to get particular speaker to come and talk, how would they go about that? Would they be allowed to run an event for commercial gain or, if it’s not for charity, just charge enough to cover the costs of organising?