Organising a well being area - Tips?

I’ve got some experience in organising well-being areas (healing/workshops etc) I’d really appreciate your tips to make it really happy, healing and successful…Thanks

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Are you looking for inspiration for features or content? You might get some good ideas from this large wellbeing event taking place in May. They’ve got various zones with lots going on, for example:

@Worldfriend do you know of any suppliers / providers that offer well-being areas at events? I’m thinking about sessions that allow attendees to do Yoga in the morning or fitness as the alternative. I’m thinking about educatioal sessions that include health & fitness topics and then, of course, healthy food.

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Hi, I don’t know of any but I have the contacts and experience over many festival events and years to put something together in West England and Wales. I can make it bespoke and do the facilitation on the day.