Outdoor Event Options in the Covid Era

Good Evening,

I am looking to launch a large event in May 2021, in the Denver area. While we already have a hotel booked, the social distancing currently in place may not accommodate the 600+ people we are hoping to attract. We are looking to pivot to possible some sort of outdoor event venue (with tents and 6 meeting spaces), but these are few and far between. We are also thinking about the logistics of renting out a city park (maybe?), but don’t have much direction on how to start the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Last year by mid of January, we had an amazing experience with this event technology services that collaborated with an award’s event to acknowledge over 250 top performers. They have accomplished in bringing secured specially sourced decor, furniture and arranged the logistics to coordinate all the pieces together in the most efficient way possible. I hope they can direct you. All the best!