Pictures to help wedding planners

Is this a helpful idea for wedding planners. I’m a wedding photographer who has been in
business for over 20 years. As you could imagine I have a lot of pictures. I started a gallery
if generic images which includes, flowers from weddings, small wedding details, and other
pictures. This gallery does not include images from any weddings that have had a wedding
planner. The idea is that these pictures would be available free of charge to any wedding
planner who needs an image for a blog post or for a social media post. All I ask is that if the
image is used in a blog, the article gives me photo credit and shares my website. If it’s social
media the post credits me as well. I also expect the planner not to take credit for the image
I have a planner who currently uses my images for her website, she credits me for the images
and doesn’t claim that the images are from her weddings. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?

Yes, it sounds like a good way to get links to your website and boost your seo.

How would you make the image library available? Password protected page on your site and downloadable images?

It’s available to any wedding planner who needs images. If they would like to get into the gallery they should e-mail me directly at