Planning my first customer dinner, where? what? what to call it? Ideas welcome

Hiya! I’m planning my company’s first client dinner for our very important buyer customers, the purpose of this is

  • to show them some love and say thanks
  • build trust and grow relationships
  • expansion and business opportunities
  • mark ourselves as thought leaders

I’m thinking of booking a private dinner room in a restaurant in the City - for 20 / 30 people.
Does anyone have any ideas for -

  1. Amazing private rooms - food / feel / wow factor suggestions
  2. What to call this event on the save the date? ‘VIP customer dinner?’ Appreciation dinner? Emphasis on the exclusivity - don’t want it to sound tacky…
  3. How to get customers to commit without knowing which restaurant it is - it’s going to be a top notch restaurant they can’t say no to - but I’m holding off booking the restaurant until numbers are known… it could be 20 it could be 40. Toughy - any thoughts?
  4. I’m planning the doinner for 21st March - following an Exhibition we’re exhibiting at in the day that many customers will be attending - is this a good idea?

Any ideas to make this a super brilliant event of this kind is so welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Rosie, this sounds like a great event. Firstly, I think it’s a great idea to plan it for after the exhibition. People will be in town anyway, so this will be convenient. And for the customers not already planning on attending the exhibition, this might encourage them to do so.

I would bill it was an exclusive VIP customer dinner, in a money can’t buy location and choose a venue that’s not normally open to the public. A suggestion is the stunning Masonic Temple at the Andaz London Liverpool Street, right in the heart of the city. It can host up to 44 for private dining. Last week I received a press release about a special offer they have on at the moment:

The hotel will be offering a 10% rebate to the master bill on Group rooms and pre booked Food & Beverage, which can be redeemed through booking via and quoting ‘Just For You’ and needs to be booked by March 2019.