Planning small charity event quickly

Does anyone have experience planning a small charity event quickly? I’m looking to get together some campervan builders for a roundtable in aid of somebody who had the campervan stolen, do a cake sale, take donations, bring & buy.

Have contacted local council regarding required permits, and started to make contact with people I think would be good volunteers. Thinking of using Eventbrite free.

Any advice appreciated, top tip, or something that I should particularly watch out for. Have organised small sports events, but this is very much a first time for something like this. Thank you!

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Hi! If it’s a for a good cause like this, it’s worth contacting local radio/papers as they will often give out a free promo slot for you. Otherwise if it’s a free event, bear in mind dropout rates could be high so try and ‘sell’ maybe twice as many tickets as the number of people you want showing up. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @BigIdeasTinySpaces how lovely of you to do this. My family had their campervan stolen years ago and a friend lost hers this summer. I would make a master list of everything that needs doing and start with mobilising mutual friends and giving them simple things to do to help such as back a cake, make some bunting, distribute posters (supermarket and coffee shop community noticeboards are good for this) etc. Best of luck!

Hi @BigIdeasTinySpaces who is your target audience - campervan enthusiasts/people in the industry/general public? What will the discussion topic/s be? It would be good to understand a bit more about the event :relaxed:

Have you thought about getting a corporate sponsor for the event? Do you have a good moderator lined up?

Thanks all. Will take all of that on board!

It’s for mainly campervan enthusiasts, but also the public (especially of the local area) are welcome. I would probably end up being the moderator of the panel, which is something I’m happy to do, but could also probably find one.

Any tips about getting a corporate sponsor? Am a little hesitant as have no idea who will show up, but maybe could approach a local bakery to provide cakes in exchange for promo on the cake stand.

Like the idea about local noticeboards - possibly an under-utilised resource!

In my head it goes like this: Several vans are available for show with a cake/coffee table nearby (have given up previous bring and buy as would muddle the event) for a couple of hours, then panel discussion for an hour. People could submit questions ahead of time or on the day.

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Definitely worth posting on motorhome forums too.

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Not my niche, but with regards to a corporate sponsor are there any local companies that would like to get their name infront of the campervan community? A local camping store or something perhaps?

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My worry would be not having enough questions to keep the discussion going for an hour. I think in your promotions you’d need to tell people the types of things they could learn from attending - for example what are some good topics they could ask the campervan builders about? I would also have a list of your own questions in case of lack of audience input.

In terms of sponsorship, perhaps a campervan magazine/website or maybe the campervan builders who are speaking at the event? This is, after all, a chance for them to get in front of people interested in campervans, display their vans to them and raise awareness of their brand.

You should also enlist the campervan manufactures who are speaking to help you promote the event as it’s in their best interest to get a good attendance. Best of luck!

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Questions are no problem! :relaxed: If the audience is shy, I have plenty waiting. Good point about promoting what people could learn.

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Thanks. Have done a few on Facebook and one on a self-build motorhome forum where I’m known. Quite mixed reactions! All the way from really positive to being called a scam and some pretty awful names. It was a lesson though. Campervans and building/fiddling around with them the happy place for many people who don’t want to think about the stresses of real life. Also a lesson in stating the obvious. Many of the early reactions amounted to ‘insurance??’. Erm, yes, but it’s never the full cost of replacement. That is, sometimes have to anticipate the negative and address those head on in the promos on forums, which can be cynical.

Am going to have a chat with my friend on Friday to review the options. I think going with the local area public may be better as my campervan community has been a little less enthusiastic than I anticipated.

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Ouch, that’s not nice. I guess you’re always going to get haters. Maybe focus on the “what’s in it for them” rather than trying to get them to attend on the basis of charity?


Sorry to read about the negativity. Maybe get an expert to give a talk on security tips for campervans so you’re turning a negative into a positive for the event. Otherwise definitely go local.