POLL - Do event planners need a degree?

The event industry is becoming increasingly professionalised, but do you need a degree in event management to make a success of it? Vote and tell us more about your view in the comments!

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We’ve not had many respondents to the poll, but still interesting that no one thinks a degree to be necessary… can we get a few more opinions on this?

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I think an Event Management degree is necessary for the present era, due to the desire to professionalize the industry, in addition, it will also benefit the academically and skilled event professionals to have a wider area to look for jobs in event companies and agencies based on their academic papers.

Thanks for your point of view, Mark. I think there certainly is a push for professionalisation. Funnily enough, I was just reading an interview with an events professional who decided to get a qualification late in her career:

In my view, event managements is like a specialised form of project management. In the project management sector, most people get their first degree in a non related discipline and then pick up a Project Management qualification (e.g. PRINCE2) once they have graduated.


Good point. Do you think there are other degrees that are beneficial to event planners? Maybe general business studies? I’ve heard strong administrative skills are really helpful.

Yes excellent administrative skills are crucial - got to love a well designed to-do list and spreadsheet :blush:

Degrees that would be useful are Marketing, Communications and/or Advertising.

Also, if you plan to organise events for a particular sector, e.g. tech, health, fashion, I would think that a degree in that sector would make you more credible.


Design and Engineering qualifications also beneficial (sound, lighting, health & safety, etc), especially if you want to work production side!

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Seems like an event organiser needs a broad skill set! :grinning:

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Absolutely, that’s what makes it fun!


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If you want quality, you need regulation. With regulation comes enforcement and the need for qualifications. We are responsible for the safety of people at an event. We should hold qualifications. Just as you don’t get your gas hob fitted without a gas certified professional, you shouldn’t hold an event with hundreds or thousands without competent professionals. What better way to ensure competence than a system with qualifications, regulation and enforcement?

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Very eloquently put @isemurphy. The safety aspect certainly needs to be considered in the wake of incidents such as the Manchester Arena bombing and Mutiny Festival drug deaths.

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yes, it is very important for deliver 100% result as per client requirement and you can improve day by day your quality. and it will help to improve your management quality more.

Great points! I’m really keen to gain some qualifications in our industry and am a little embarrassed to say that I don’t yet have any formal training in Event Management.

@muonabena mentioned PRINCE2 which I’m going to look into - Thanks Abena!

Are there any other certifications or courses that either of you - and all tribe members - would highly recommend?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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I have hosted numerous OFFLINE dinners and the only degree I have ever thought about is the degree of enjoyment of the participants! What else matters?! I have never organised very large scale events as I much prefer more intimate gatherings although, if you arranging a shindig with a cast of thousands, I concede there may be a few logistical considerations to consider. As with most disciplines, theory comes a very distant second to practice and the event planning world is no different.