[Poll of the Week] How do you find freelancers?

Where do you find freelancers to help you with your projects?

  • Contacts
  • Agencies
  • Websites (e.g. Freelancer.com, UpWork)
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

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Most of the time, friends, friends of friends, or social friend recommendations get me who I need - that said, a lot of people are advocating places like Fiverr far more than ever before!

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Agree - personally a big fan of sites like fiverr and upwork, always found high quality people through them

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All the best “staff” I’ve had to work the door, keep sponsors happy, support delegates, etc have been friends or friends of friends.
I’ve worked with someone on my last two events who I’d be happy to recommend to anyone else running events in London. He’s freelance and reasonably priced.

All my freelance work has come through contacts/people finding me on LinkedIn. Really interested to see the websites being referenced as I’ve not tried that route but need to pick up some more work from October so will definitely investigate further!

I think my vote just pushed Websites into the lead.

I do tend to use Freelancer.com, it’s a pretty good resource


Interesting! Must make time to investigate the website route further!

I would have thought websites, but I am the same as Melissa, all my work so far has been via friends, family or networking. I do however have a website. I am also a freelancer, so will be interested to see how this Freelancer.com and Fiverr works out. Will definitely check them out. Contracts are always welcome. Thanks guys.

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I always found Yuno Juno a great place for freelancers. Great support team too.

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Thanks for that tip @simon I will check that site out too.