[POLL] What's your most effective marketing channel for your events?

  • Email
  • Free Social Media
  • Paid Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Word of Mouth
  • Other Paid Advertising/Listings SItes
  • SEO

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(are we forgetting an option?)

Perhaps you should consider adding Eventbrite too? The big question for me, and no doubt other event marketers, is how to increase the number of page visits (and conversions) that originate from within the Eventbrite searchable directory to our Eventbrite listing.

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That would be interesting to see, but as always here i am wary of not wanting to plug our services!

Eventbrite search listings work on an algorithm that will always try and serve the most relevant events first. Event title and description are equally important for both getting impressions in the listings and click throughs. Also make sure you’re tagging your event correctly. Event image is a massive one that people overlook, and definitely improves your click through rate in the listings. Searching for something like “business seminar” the quality of images used was poor/non-existent.

The dashboard analytics tool gives you insights on this, and I believe is in the process of being revamped to show traffic being pulled in from search engines. I’d say SEO is more powerful than search listings as you benefit directly from Eventbrite domain authority being in the 90s, which gives a strong boost to your event page ranking on google. (But judging from the above not many other people believe in SEO!)

I thought the ability to insert additional tags (outside of those generated via the initial setup) has been withdrawn from event managers a couple of years ago.

Yep apologies i meant category tags at setup

I think this depends on the industry itself, some industry love social media and they are quiet keen to connect whereby other industry prefer direct emails, it really depends on industry and market, personally i think a mix of free social media, word of mouth, direct mail works best

A couple of interesting snapshots on this here from the annual Event Industry Pulse Report (survey of 1000 event organisers) we do.

First one - We asked people to rank their most effective marketing channels (seems to fit pretty well with the above)

Second one - We asked event organisers what marketing channels they’re going to use more in 2017:

Does this ring true for you guys? What is everyone looking to do better in terms of marketing this year?