Post Event Video Footage - what do you do with it?

What is the purpose of these montage video’s event organisers create?

I always have them created and really love looking at them. The one from our November is excellent but seriously how best to use it?

The production company also did some lovely little interviews with delegates and speakers which are really well filmed but again…

What do other event organisers do with these types of collateral post event?


Great question! I feel like everyone is always told ‘video is so important’ but then very few suggestions about what to do with it other than stick on your website and social.

One thing I’ve used it for however is in Facebook adverts. Video is incredibly cheap to use in FB ads (maybe 1/5 cost of regular text/image ad), so can be really handy if you’re planning to use FB to market next year’s event. Also LinkedIn has just started rolling out video ads (which may be more appropriate for B2B/professional audience)


If you can turn the video around in time I would include it in your “thank you for visiting/attending” emails and in your emails for the next event. I would also looking at having different edits for different audiences e.g. visitors, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers etc. Also, you could curate the footage into short versions about specific elements of your event that you can then use to promote those aspects next time across all your channels. This could be physical elements of your event such as show features, reception, displays and presentations or themed such as the networking opportunities, education, social, showcasing, recognition etc.