Pricing Structure/Strategy

As we know, there are many different ways to charge as an event planner. Flat fee, hourly rate, vendor services mark ups, commission - How do YOU charge? What works best for you? Also (and this one won’t be answered by everyone) but what is you event planning step-by-step strategy?

As I am new to the events planning industry, I have quickly come to realise just how diverse and vast the industry is. It’s not as simple as it may first seem so for those experienced, I take my hat off to you. Although I have the passion and determination to succeed, I am struggling. So much information to absorb has distracted me from determining “THE BASIC” structure. The ‘who, what, where, when and why’.

When I research into other businesses in the industry, I often see no information on their websites in regards to pricing. Why is that? I appreciate it is determined by the clients wants and needs but, what is the process behind the scenes? I don’t have a HUGE, well established business that offer “in house” products such as decor or catering staff so I will have to source third party vendors. How do you ensure that the costs are covered? By taking deposits or down payments from clients? If so, how do you come up with a figure to the client beforehand?

I appreciate this is a big post and only some may be able to answer part of this but honestly, any help for an enthusiastic and determined chap like myself would be greatly appreciated

Thank you all.

You may find one of the easiest routes it sot take the role of a consultant and project manager for a client. You manage the suppliers/procurement but the client pays the bills. I operated like this for 15 years or so

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Thank you Allison. How did you find your time in this role and was it profitable for you? With you operating in that fashion for around 15 years, I’m guessing it was beneficial for you.

How did you charge for that service?

I am probably the worst example of a freelance Events Consultant. I’ve been in the industry in some capacity for over 20 years (eek!) and fell into freelancing. Its an environment which suit my needs. I have a young family and need the flexibility. I therefore restructured my fees to reflect my approach. I charge by the day, by workstream or whole project depending on timescale, budgets, resourcing etc


Quite a long time then!! I suppose it all goes towards experience which I guess is something that is forever growing… after all, knowledge is power :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been approached by the venue owner in which my upcoming fundraising event is being held, to work with him to be an in house event planner for him which is a good start. I have also been approached by another chap who is the chief executive officer for a very well established and successful company, to partner up. I have been offered 10% of their gross profit each time I use their services at my own organised events and also, by putting them into events I plan.

I guess I am still finding my feet and figuring a lot out but I guess that will sink in over time and through more experience.

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That’s really great, Leon. Would you still be operating on a freelance basis? how many events does the venue plan to hold?

Negotiating commission from venues and suppliers is a good tactic. You could even offer your clients your services as an organiser for free, meaning all money could be paid directly to suppliers and your suppliers then pay you.

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I would still be looking to operate on freelance basis also. I am due to speak to the venue owner in a little more detail very soon.

I think discussing commission from venues and suppliers would be a good tactic as it would start generating revenue, which will get me off the ground :slight_smile: In regards to the other opportunity I mentioned, I will be meeting the chief executive officer for a coffee sometime after my fundraising event has been completed. He has stated that if I use his services, either for events I organise myself or plan events for clients, he wouldn’t pay pitch fee’s but I would receive 10% of the overall GP each time his services are hired.

I’m still learning so so much but I am making good progress. Any other tips you might have in regards to generating revenue would be greatly appreciated Belinda.

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