Project/Event Manager's report

Hi All,

I’m in the process of drafting my PM/EM report for a client. I’m trying to focus on the positive and use lessons learnt to advise future approach; there are some challenges which need to be addressed.

I’m curious how others have managed/conveyed their report. How much detail have you provided? Have you delivered a written statement or visual etc.?


Hi Allison
Good question. Some clients have provided previous reports or templates to base it on. I usually ask the client how they want it. If nothing is forthcoming I generally write it up in word pasting in graphs and images as appropriate e.g. Where I’ve secured PR coverage. I try to write it in a way that anyone new can pick it up and run with it without labouring the points… And as a good memory jog if I am working on the event again in the future. I know some prefer using PowerPoint. Too much faffing about with formatting for me though.

Where there are tricky things to cover off I try to state the facts then move on to learnings/recommendations as soon as possible. Hope that helps. Melissa

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