Promoting a Christmas Event

Hi, I have my first event at Christmas. It’s a James Bond themed Christmas Dinner Party with a casino, 3 course meal, a do and disco. It’s at our town hall. I have tables of ten available also available as individual seats and I’m struggling to promote. I’ve just had my leaflet for the event designed. Any tips please?

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Hi Kelly, doesn’t Christmas come round quickly?! This is always tricky as in my experience the decision-maker varies in each organisation- secretaries/admin (getting organised now), Sales manager, marketing manager, HR, etc. I think digital is the route to go here… you need to get in front of people who are actively looking for Christmas party ideas/availability. So maybe some search, display & remarketing. I’d also get the council to circulate something to staff/get in touch with their HR team. Perhaps get a leaflet drop done to local SMEs who may be looking to join in a party rather than have their own. Good luck!


Or did you want tips on the leaflet? Make sure it’s obvious what the event is at a glance - what, where, when, how much plus what you want them to do about it e.g. Find out more at the website, call the sales team, email you. If there’s a phone number going on there - always ring it before you print the leaflet!

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Hi Kelly,

You can definitely do very successful digital marketing campaigns, especially if you are targeting just a town. You can do a search, display and social campaigns(as mentioned above). Some tricky parts are to be aware of geo-targeting, so to be sure that campaigns are targeting only the region where people are willing to go to the party. Something like 20 miles in radius (for example) and also be aware of demographic of your audience - basically age. Maybe you don’t want to target teenagers (this is just an assumption), so you can exclude the age groups that you think are not proper for the event from your marketing campaigns.

All the best

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Targeted Facebook ads could be ideal; although it’s primarily a social tool, it’s full of professionals - including PAs and secretaries in charge of booking company Christmas parties. And the cost to just show the ads in your local area will be relatively low.

Facebook ads should work especially well if you combine it with some kind of incentive for booking early. You can even list your event in Facebook Events for added exposure and then select from the ad options for events.

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