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Me again, I’m asking for lots of help this week!

I have an awards ceremony that we as a company are sponsoring. My team has been tasked with finding ‘gifts’ for the tables, we are the only company doing this so we need something nice.

The age old problem with promotional products is the fine line between something people would want and will use and something that is just tacky and would get thrown away.

Has anyone had any good ideas for promotional products at their events?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Melissa, thanks for posting - we’re here to help. I would focus on your target audience - what would they value? What would make their life easier or add value to their time with you/at the event ? What will best reflect your brand? What will people remember/still be talking about at the next awards event?

You might also find this blog useful:

Hey @Mel-T - hopefully we can help!

We’ve built for this specifically.

You could check out the printed goody bags section, we find travel mugs always go down well, along with power banks or printed sweets.

Everything is priced instantly, and we have awesome discounts as we’ve just launched the site.

Let me know if you need any help or some other recommendations! :slight_smile: and I hope your event goes well!


At one event I recieved a promotional cardboard mobile phone stand. Very useful and is still used today


Using a print on demand service you could have the chosen gifts personalised with guests’ names and then use them as place holders. Mugs would work great for this or tins of sweets. People love getting things with their names on!

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The company my husband works for has just had some promotional goods printed for an exhibition and I was really impressed with this one. It’s a screen cleaner atomiser with cloth on the side. Genuinely useful… although one guy complained he’d mistook it for breath spray and put it in his mouth ha ha!

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Hello Melissa,

My name is Ruben with, we work closely with many companies world wide providing top selling items that could potentially benefit your awards ceremony. Feel free to contact us at "" we are more than happy to provide you with a catalog of several products we have to offer. Your follow up is greatly appreciated.


Ruben Barreto
Wholesale Manager

Hi Melisa,

our company love promotional products. Whether you are a small startup or a big corporation, we can help you promote your brand or organisation with style. Fell free to read our blog * Are you using your promotional products to their full potential?»

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The most common and useful in any office is the pen.
Office workers use pen everyday.
If you have a good budget a USB stick is also a good idea.
The promotional items also depends in the kind of guest have.

It’s funny that this came up today, as I was talking about the exact same thing with my business partner yesterday evening. We market to event professionals, and we were wondering what items they would find useful.

As mentioned above, a pen is a good idea, but I thought a pen with a flashlight/torch on it would be a good “tool” for those who work in nightclubs/discos/dance lounges (where it gets dark and trouble could arise).

But yes, it really does depend on the target market.

Hi Melissa

Moving forward, it sounds like you have a good idea of what you need your promotional product or products to do for you.

We’ve always advised our clients that the promotional product you use needs to have a few critical parts involved.

The statistics bear out that a promotional gift can leave a lasting impression. Above all, make certain you turn to a provider that can meet your requirements, and will work with you to give you the right gift. If you find an expert in the field, they’re more likely to tell you what will serve your campaign best.