Promotional videos - the good and the bad

I think this promotional video for a hotel is absolutely brilliant. Does anyone else have examples of promotional videos in the sector -good or bad?


Love it Belinda.

I really like this navigable videos:

I think they really tell a brand story, unlike those god awful 360s!

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Yeah that’s nice. I like how you can click on the different spaces. Whenever I use 360 venue video I spend half the time stuck looking at the ceiling or floor!

Think we might need to go for a show round so we can be sure it’s a venue we can recommend to other members @Belinda_Booker! Great video!

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Barbican video is really good too. Like the pace and the venue feels very welcoming here.

This is a nicely produced promo for the London Summer Event Show taking place later this month - is anyone planning on going?

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Love this Bel

I will now! Just registered.

It sounds like it’s going to be one busy year for you, Melissa!
Incidentally, I’ve been working on the 2018 events for event profs calendar this week and there are an incredible 72 events taking place in the UK and Europe, so you might not make it to them all :grin:

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Oh great work Bel. I’ve added a few as I’ve come across them but 72?!! Wow!

Is that for a blog?

Yep, should be going live tomorrow. I’ll share a link once it’s up.

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Hi all,

Video can be very good part of marketing mix if you use it in right way and proper targeting. Youtube advertising is cheaper compared to standard display advertising as well. You can get very good results on Facebook too. As best practices for marketing of events I will point:

  • Keep it short - less than 60 sec
  • Think of your key audience or buyer personas while producing the video(s). Once they see themselves in the video you are halfway to the conversion;)
  • Brand the video so users can easily find your brand (this works well for brand awareness)
  • Put clear Call to Action at the end of the video so you will guide users what do you expect them to do
    *Use some other tools like CTA buttons, links in video description etc to help user click through your website
  • (Bonus) - If you are using Youtube, organise your youtube channel following best practices, so you can earn subscribers and additional views

As a bad practice I will point:

  • Using generic long video (for example 5 min)
  • Missing of clear message of what are you expecting from the users
  • Low-quality footage and video production

I think this 2 are a really good example of videos created for video marketing campaigns. The second one is even cheaper to produce as there is no actual video shooting involved in the process. Stil looks nice and shiny

thanks for watching;)


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Agree, they’re both very effective. Is the second one created by using a series of still images (like stop motion?). It’s clever… although no less effort to produce I’d imagine.