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Hey EventTribers,

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been getting a steadily growing number of people on EventTribe either promoting their product directly on here or mentioning their companies a suspiciously growing number of times.

We’re sympathetic that you believe in the work you do and want to help everyone here. However, we also need to make sure the community doesn’t become overrun with promotions as that would ruin the experience for everyone.

So, from now on, if you’ve got something you want to promote to our audience you can do it in response to this discussion. We might feature a few of the ones we like the most in our newsletter.

Have fun!


Hello, organisers and suppliers, is a new marketplace for events organisers and suppliers that will be launched in July at the Institute of DIrectors.
It’s a free event for events organisers to meet lots of suppliers with nice food and drinks all evening.
Get your free ticket here:



I guess I might be a little guilty here :slight_smile: - I guess I only try to link it in where it might be useful to other people in the future.

We launched Printkick a few weeks ago!

It’s the simplest way for event planners to buy promotional merchandise.

We provide instant accurate quotes so you can plan your campaign easily, and there’s thousands of products available with a lead time of only two working days, so it’s really not a problem if you have a last minute event.

Not only that, but all your artwork, visuals and proofs are stored in your account, so there’s no need to sort back through old emails to find files.

We’re innovating by providing things like our goody bag maker. No matter the size of your event, you’ll find budget friendly merchandise to fill a gift bag for your employees, customers or potential clients.

Clients often ask for a variety of products, and in the old way of working, we have to check availability with loads of different suppliers. On Printkick, we have stock availability on the product page - so you definitely know when something can be ordered and printed!

We’re happy to work with charities and sponsor products on a cost neutral basis, or get involved in a bit of co-branding. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here:

For an example of awesome things we get involved in, take a quick look at this EventTribe thread: I'm looking for examples of cool creative stunts used to publicise events!

I’m happy to answer any questions, and it’d be great to get feedback from the community too!


Currently soft promoting BBC series The Family Farm for farmer and presenter Gareth Wyn Jones. Only on TV via BBC Wales and iPlayer but will be on BBC Two from the 20th of June.

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BWCP We believe in supporting women with a hand up, not a handout.!

BWCP is Empowering hardworking women and

their families to build sustainable futures

Bliss provides training and a location where women can put their skills into practice. Making handicrafts such as Jewelry and baskets is one business option for Bliss women, and they are also supported to find markets to sell their goods.

So kindly join us in looking for areas where we can sell the handcrafts internationally and help reduce poverty.

The women are very hardworking all they need is assistance to publicly display their works of art and craft …inform us of nearby, art gallery, events, museum or a trade show.

We would also be very much happy to partner with you.

Warm regards

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VenueMonk is Delhi NCR’s largest venue-booking platform that streamlines the entire traditional event-planning process with its innovative methods. Through a simplified approach, we find a list of all suitable venues for the person planning the event, based on their unique requirements. VenueMonk helps people save time and money in comparison to its traditional counterpart of venue-booking and through VenueMonk, the person planning the event doesn’t have to make 100s of calls to negotiate, the rates offered to them are already negotiated and are at the lowest guaranteed prices. The major USP of online venue-booking over its traditional counterpart is transparency in terms of pricing. What the person planning the event sees is exactly what he gets! There are no hidden or additional costs, the pricing and inclusions for all venue-options are completely transparent to the customer at VenueMonk. We have an extensive range of over 3000 venue-options for all the categories from birthday party venues, corporate party venues, wedding venues, to kids’ party venues in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. Book now at the lowest guaranteed price, VISIT-

Hi everyone, working for Red Eye Innovations we source and supply thousands of merchandise for events and exhibitions all through the year.

We love what we do, and with our expertise and knowledge we would love to help from ideas lists, to samples, to quotes and sending you the best in merchandise :slight_smile:

If you have an event coming up please do not hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help you!

After all we all know that giveaways and handouts are an amazing way to reach many people and businesses with YOUR brand.

So tell me, how can I help you and tell me what you find works for you the best!??!

My name is Julienne d. Gibeson, and I’d like to take a moment to share my work space at The INDUSTRIAL Event Space in Las Vegas. ( The venue accommodates any group size up to 3k people, we’ve held festivals, educational events, corporate, non-profit and social parties. For you event planners out there, this can be a potential location for you and your clients. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at for any info.

Thank you and hope to stay connected!

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Hello there! My name is Raj and I run an international corporate event management company in Mumbai, India. Bluebell Events House is one of the leading event planning company in Mumbai.We specialize in managing corporate events, weddings, conferences, product or store launches and corporate travel solutions.
If you are looking for one stop solution for all your corporate needs, feel free to contact us on

I was looking for a thread like this :slight_smile:

Our startup helps event professionals get the designs they want, and lets them keep control of their design assets (as opposed to keeping it in the hands of the graphic designer).

It’s a simple process, really: The event organizer signs up and posts a brief on the site. Once the payment goes through, designers around the world get notified and get to work. The promoter will soon have dozens of designs to choose from, and the ability to give feedback (both graphical and verbal) to every designer. The designer will only get paid once the Event Planner is happy with the flyer, business card, poster, etc.

While we started out with nightclub events and music festivals, we have expanded much further. Pretty much any event you organize needs publicity materials. You yourself might need a logo. I’d say give promoterGO a try…it’s easy, fun, and takes a lot of the stress out of at least one aspect of planning an event.

Best of all: We don’t store/sell any information, and all transactions are done through PayPal. Some people are wary of paying for something up front, but remember that anything that’s “free” means YOU are the product. Our system is in place for those who know what quality means.

Thankyou! My new favourite group!

Liveforce helps you schedule, book, manage and pay your event/promo crew.

Whether you want to manage your own database of staff in the platform or are looking to tap into a wider pool of talented freelancers/brand ambassadors/crew - Liveforce can help!

With a major update coming in October this year we would love to talk to anyone that is looking for an end-to end solution to manage their workforce.

Please get in touch for a demo or general chit chat.

Greg Lusk
Founder of Liveforce

t. +44 20 7193 5642

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Don’t forget people, this is the place to post promotions - let’s keep the other topics free of links that aren’t strictly relevant. Thank you :raised_hands:

Hi guys,

I’m new and wanted to quickly introduce myself.

I’m part of a really neat startup called Rentuu - Europe’s first VC-backed platform for hiring event equipment online.

We basically do all the heavy lifting for you. With dedicated account managers and hundreds of suppliers on board, we help eventprofs save heaps of time (and money) by finding the best supplies for you and your event.

Anyways - please do feel free to give me a shout if you need anything. And, in the meantime, here’s an article highlighting how we can help you.

Rentuu Rolls Out A Bespoke Service For All Your Event Hiring Needs

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SPEAKUS, an Irish software developer, provides a lucrative and cost-efficient remote interpreting solution for multilingual conferences. Event managers using SPEAKUS are offered to save up to 30% compared to the rental of booths and headsets.

Three banking executives quit their day jobs to disrupt the language technology industry by replacing traditional bulky interpreting equipment with digital cloud-based solution. They created SPEAKUS - a platform that simplifies an event manager’s work and making it less stressful by introducing the benefits of modern tech. Interpretation delivery platform is now capable of providing remote conference interpretation services with the latency of 200 ms. Following the BYOD concept interpretation is delivered to the attendees’ smartphones via the SPEAKUS mobile app.

Software platform and standard internet connection (3G/4G mobile/Wi-Fi) are effectively replacing traditional interpretation equipment rental that usually comes with a hefty price tag to deliver and setup. Interpreters using SPEAKUS can operate remotely from cost-effective locations. In contrast to the traditional equipment that often comes with a whole day rental obligation, SPEAKUS can be booked for as long as one hour. The recent update delivers better sustainability for events with an audience of 50,000 people.

Igor Gusev, CFO, and co-founder: “After scaling and developing new features we have suddenly come to the point where we can serve any event with simultaneous interpretation. According to our internal market research, we are the most cost-efficient global remote interpreting platform. As part of further development, we intend to introduce a marketplace for MICE industry players, LSPs and interpreters”.

[SPEAKUS] ( provided remote conference interpretation services for more than 50 events in Europe and Asia, including large-scale conventions: Google, TEDx, Synergy Global Forum, Global Challenges Summit. Company is expanding its operations in the United States and has offices in Ireland, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia.

Love this website!

I work as a PPC and social media manager at Octopus (
Happy to engage with you here!


Hi All,

I am working with my friends on a small but wonderful project where you could sell your event tickets online for free - no fee.

Basically you create your event on our portal and then choose how many tickets you like to sell. After that you will get a unique page which you could either embed into your website or sell directly from it.

All money goes to your paypal account. - No Stripe Yet Sorry

We also offer whitelable services. So if you run an event agency then we could help you setup online infrastructure like bylde.

Let me know what you think about it. It’s still in beta

Looking forward to hear from you :slight_smile:

Hiya all,

Bevec is a lighting specialist company for events, corporate through to theatre and festivals.

If you have any questions or need to hire lighting for events please get in touch.

Ask for Jos (that’s me) or ask on here!

Best wishes


there is no email on your website? is there any other way I could reach out to you? or one of my colleague?


Hope you are well:

Yes sure,

Thank you for notifying me on the no email front, did you try the contat us form?

Best regards


Thank you so much for opening up this group.

I work with the team of the Event Tech Tribe, a collaboration of best-in-craft individual event tech companies working together on client and integration level. That means, that event professionals don’t have to rely on an all-in-one solution, but can pick and choose what they really need and get the best of it :slight_smile:

The companies currently involved in the Tribe are:

  • Swoogo (built by the founders of etouches/aventri) - Unlimited events & registrations and most modern system for event website creation and registration.

  • TRC Badgerite - On-demand badge printing, attendee tracking, and lead retrieval. At the moment, the solution is most suitable for events larger than 1,000 attendees, but there will soon be a version for smaller events.

  • Hubb Event management software that automates the complex workflows & tasks required to collect, manage and market content for conferences or meetings. Content, exhibitors and staffing.

  • InsightXM - A dynamic event intelligence platform that captures, analyzes synthesizes and visualizes your event data to inform your most important business decisions.

I firmly believe that planners should get the best of each tool for the job that needs to be done.

Does anyone here also believes in this?

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