Proper etiquette to asking a photographer to use their photos

I take my own photos from weddings I have setup and coordinated but would love to have some professional photos of the weddings I have done. What is the best way to go about asking a photographer to use their photos on my website? Other than credited them through my website and blogs what other incentives can I offer to use their photos?! Thanks!

Hi Amanda, you can offer to recommend them to your clients. My best friend is a wedding photographer and would be delighted to let wedding co-ordinators use her photography in return for referrals. Maybe ask the photographer for a stack of brochures or business cards that you can have available in your office to give to anyone interested?

@bogdan @marcusjamiesonpond @Marie_Wheeler do you have any thoughts on this?

Referrals, as Belinda said, would work wonders. Maybe a link on your website/blogs to their portfolio?

Also, there’s always cash :wink:

I’d be happy to share photos, so long as the couple agree to it, on the basis that it then acts as a referral. Obviously there is a geography thing attached to this too.

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Hi Amanda,
It depends a lot on the types of images you need. If you want something for just the setup, speak to the photographer beforehand and ask for either a favor or pay her/him a bit extra for the effort.
If you need to highlight all the event itself, it would be the same, but brief them before in order to get the best output and highlight what you consider important.
If you hire the photographer, make sure you explain from the beginning that the images will be used to promote your company on the website and brief them accordingly.
I hope it helps.

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