Question for Ontario-based members - Planning new entertainment

I apologize if I haven’t found the right place to inquire about this. We have been in entertainment for fall fairs for several years now. So we’re familiar with some aspects of what we need. But we are now looking to offer clients something different and several points will need to be looked into. Our bookings currently are within Ontario only. If there is somewhere else this would be better to discuss please let me know.

Our new venture involves adding music to our production. We are aware that we would need licensing from socan and resound to play the music. Questions that we are unable to address without more info at this point are : 1) for events without power what is the usual requirements for generator inspection certificates? I’ve heard under 5kw doesn’t require this and we would only run a 2000w. 2) Is there a standard noise level ordinance for all fairs across Ontario or specific levels to each municipality? The hours are not a concern here since our shows are mid day only. The volume level is what we need to plan. And figure out how we know we are not exceeding that.

Thank you for any help. Rob

Hi Rob, I’m not sure if we’ve many members in Ontario, but I’ve amended the title to see!