Read Me! Guide for Community Newcomers

Welcome to EventTribe!

Our community is made up of a friendly bunch of event professionals who love to help one another. Whether you’re an event newbie or a veteran, this is a place for you.

Have you arrived here with a burning question? Brilliant! Our community can help you find awesome solutions to your challenges in no time - they’re better than Google, honest!

If you’re not sure what to ask, here are a few ideas:

No question is too big or too small, so don’t be shy. And if you see any threads where you can add input, please take a moment to share your experience or observations - discussion is the lifeblood of our community, so no lurking!

For further guidance on how this forum works (how to create a topic, community rules etc.), head here. Finally, if you have any questions, just tag one of us moderators @MelissaJane, @Belinda_Booker or @nick_lawson and we’ll be happy to help.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get posting!



Thanks a lot for your guides .@belinda booker