Recommend books and magazines

I’m aware that internet is the way to go. However, I like flipping through magazines when looking for ideas, inspiration. I feel that is a good source of info that will keep me targeted on starting a new career path such as this.

What do you read? I’d like to know what related material I should be getting. Discuss…

Something to add; I like podcasts also. I refer to YouTube often. Some YouTube channels you recommend?

Hi Reno, here are some podcasts for you to check out:

And a list of event industry magazines: What Event Pro magazines do you subscribe to?

Thanks Belinda, I dont currently read any related material. I do watch some YouTube related content at random. There are some channels I can recommend that are business related: Gary veynerchuck, The hustlers Kung fu, Keith Kalfas.

Couldn’t link it. Sorry.

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