Recommendations for keynote speakers

Have you worked with any great speakers recently or seen any speak at other events? It’s always good to hear about inspiring speakers who might not be so well known.

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A while ago I attended a work awayday at which Leo Johnson (brother of Boris) presented and he was very good. After almost a whole of death by powerpoint, he just stood and talked to us and was very engaging. It was the standout presentation of the day. Unsurprisingly he doesn’t come cheap but I would definitely recommend him.

Oh I didn’t know he had a brother. I knew he had a sister, who was editor of The Lady. I read her book about her experience there, which was very entertaining. She’d probably be a great speaker too!

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Get the whole family in?! Maybe they have a group rate! :joy::joy:

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I’m a speaker who owns a number of businesses as well as a consultancy, and have had fantastic feedback from the shows, conferences etc I’ve spoken at so far. What’s it for, who’s the audience and what message would you like to get across? I’d love to help if I can, so please shout if you’d like some info.

You can read more about me here:


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Hi @MrVictusMan Many thanks for joining us on here and for your great work at AVEX 2017 last week which was very well received. Hope you made it back to Scotland OK & Friday’s event went well. Please do join in with our various discussions when you have chance and post any burning questions you would like to ask fellow tribesfolk.

Hi Andrew. I see you spoke recently at the H10 Estepona - that’s just round the corner from my house! I’m not seeking a speaker myself, but wanted to get a list going of good recommendations for the benefit of our community, so thanks for introducing yourself. Sounds like you have loads of industry insight to share. Feel free to get involved here and kick off some debates :grinning:

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Great initiative Belinda!

Feel free to include (or not, no hard feelings :slight_smile: ) me on the list if you feel there’s a fit. Here’s my website in case you want to check it out:

Thanks @Helio_Vogas I watched your demo reel - looks like you are good at getting everyone up off their seats and involved!

Thanks Belinda… I come from a accelerated learning background so I try to demonstrate each point with some kind of audience involvement to increase engagement and retention.


#toptip :grinning: