Recycling at events

Hi, I’m just wondering if you run an event, how do you achieve the most amount of recycling? Obviously we always try as hard as we can but with a limited budget and being a volunteer led event it is difficult. We already have the specific bins and toppers to go on the bins to say ‘glass’, ‘non recyclable’, ‘food’ etc but they always end up being mixed. The other option is to empty all bins and hand sort but this is something we would love to avoid as it isn’t the most pleasant job for volunteers.
Thanks in advance

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When I spoke to festival organisers when I was writing the below guide, they recommended incentivising attendees to sort their own waste. For example, by giving discount vouchers for correctly deposited recycling. You can also reduce waste on site working with your suppliers i.e. making all serveware reusable or compostable (the latter can be disposed off with organic waste and sent for composting).
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