Rudeness - other event teams

I’ve been working in the Event sector for 18+ year. while occasionally you encounter challenging people tonight I experienced unnecessary rudeness from a income crew as we were breaking down. Given the hours we work in the sector its rare to find such uncompromising, belligerent, obstinante rudeness - have I been lucky or have other encountered similar experiance !?

Hi Allison, sorry to hear of your experience. Being on site is challenging enough and I can’t abide rudeness. Whilst most of my colleagues have been lovely, polite, supportive, team-playing people unfortunately I’ve also experienced harassment, bullying, chauvinism and all manner of rudeness both directly and as a manager being brought in to pick up the pieces. Last year I sat in a meeting where a male colleague suggested we go with one contact over another because she had better breasts!" Unbelievable in this day and age.

I’d like to think we’re getting to a place where we feel empowered to call people out on unacceptable behaviour but many organisations don’t have an HR person/team and sometimes your line manager is the perpetrator, party to it or unable/unwilling to take it on. As a freelancer you don’t want to make waves and are always mindful of your reputation in the industry.

That said I don’t think the event industry is particularly bad on the behaviour front. Generally people have been great to work with even under the pressures that come with the job.


Did they think they had more right to the venue than you did? Perhaps you should have asked the venue manager to get involved?

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Despite proof of contracted agreements with the venue the incoming supplier was dismissive and showed no interest.
There was/is a bigger issue relating to communication channels between the incoming supplier and venue. However, we work in an industry where we have to be adaptable and flexible.

Crews usually work together. .This is the first time (in 20 years!) I’ve encountered such rudeness and disregard.

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So unnecessary! Hope you have a better experience next time.

I was saddened when I had just finished my Events Management Course and started to approach some event organisations for help with an event that I was trying to organize, there were two organizations that are supposed to help event organizers, but did quite the opposite, one I rang a few time and they never got back to me, I realize I’m competition in a probably crowded industry in a small city, but I wasn’t there to steel trade secrets, very annoying.

sad to hear that. Hopefully you will find more help and support from our lovely EventTribe members!

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I have, thanks Melissa, worth the weight in gold. this is far the best site I’ve come across, very helpful in deed.


Ooh…thanks for your kind words!