Rugby fans?

So I’m organising an open day for a rugby club as a volunteer while on maternity leave and looking for a few more ideas.

I currently have competitions such as a tug of war with the forwards, race our wingers, kicking competition, coconut shy style passing competition. There are also demonstrations using the tackle bags and children’s tag games, bouncy castle, face painting, bbq, ice cream van, rides, evening entertainment and then camping afterwards.
I’m planning to purchase some huge inflatable rugby balls and also design a snapchat geofilter for a few hours.

As I am on maternity I have a slight case of baby brain (yes it’s real) so relying on your fully functional brains :slight_smile:
Is there anything I’m missing? Anything I could add that’s really going to attract or wow people? We have 3 rugby pitches, 2 football pitches, a clubhouse and a training square (plus a few other areas) so not short on space, I don’t want it to look empty!

Thanks for your help! :smile:

Hi Natasha, this might be so obvious you didn’t even write it down, but have you got a bar? Pretty important for a rugby crowd i imagine :slight_smile:

Haha yes sorry the clubhouse has a fully stocked bar. Of course, that’s one of if not THE most important thing! :joy:

What about an activity to learn to do a haka dance?

Another idea is inflatable rugby games - either 2 people in inflatable sumo suits tackling each other, or inflatable rugby themed obstacles. This site has some interesting ideas -, including these:


What about a raffle/auction? Tickets to a big game, signed shirts etc would be good prizes

btw @Marino - the sumo suits :+1:

As an alternative to a bouncy castle, you could also consider an inflatable obstacle course (since you have the space). This company provides some great ones:

Same company also does “It’s a Knockout” themed events, which could be fun!


Rugby ball simulator:

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Bake sale another possibility. Another idea for the charity auction (if you have rugby players who are up for it) - bid on players to do jobs for you! Attendees can bid on rugby players to come to their house and do chores. Cut the grass, wash the car, etc…

We’re definitely doing a raffle and will do an auction if we get enough good prizes although I like @Marino’s idea of auctioning off the players :smile:

I’ve contacted quite a few companies to see if we can get some donations, particularly rugby clubs so hopefully may get some good stuff.

Love the rugby ball simulator!

I keep seeing that labyrinth everywhere, I’m going to have to contact them I think, it looks awesome.

Thanks for the great ideas!