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Hi Everyone,

Thought I would put this question out there as I am completely stumped. From fellow event professionals, what is the best way to secure sponsorships for a technology conference I have coming up mid-2017? What strategies worked for everyone else that you can share? Are there any things you definitely shouldn’t do???!

Thanks everyone for your help.

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For the events I have been involved in, we have already had a list of suppliers currently supplying their products to us which we have emailed a pitch to.
If you can get hold of emails for the right people in the companies you wish to approach, I would simply email emphasising what they would get for their money before giving a cost. I.e. The amount of people you expect to be there, how their brand will be publicised before and at the event, anything else you will include in the sponsorship and finally the cost. Try to make it personal with a name of a contact and maybe follow up with a phone call, let them know they are getting a good deal and that you want them to be a part of it.

You could also try as promoted by eventbrite. There is a whole blog post dedicated to gaining sponsorship on their website -

Hope this helps.


This might be stating the obvious but are you able to use your existing or last years/event’s attendee data? If you can this gives you a much stronger grounding on which to approach potential sponsors with a proposal.

For example if you can say there will be “x” many senior decision makers from FTSE 100 companies attending, this would be pretty interesting to a b2b technology vendor.

Like @NatashaGiller said, all sponsors really care about is the value to them, and if you can prove this beyond the standard “you’ll get brand awareness” then you’ve got a strong value proposition.

Is this the first time the event is being held?

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As an organiser of events which rely on sponsorship and working for a company who sponsors various conferences the key thing for us is partnership.

When we designed our sponsorship packages for our events we thought ‘if this was us what would we want?’ The key thing we found is defined touch points, we were finding that a few of our sponsors weren’t the best at working the room and then held us responsible for not gaining ROI. We like to include either multiple touchpoints or personalised introductions to make sure the fundamental reason for them being there not only happens but is meaningful as well.

The other really important factor is knowing what success looks like for them - I never open conversations with the sponsor pack and always like to have a conversation so if we need to make adjustments to any of the packages to better suit them we can be proactive with it.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Nick, yes, this is a first time conference with strong potential to be staged overseas.

Thanks for your advice though, really appreciate it.

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This is great Louisa, thanks a lot for this. This is really great advice that I’m already factoring into my upcoming event!

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Awesome, thanks a lot Natasha. Appreciate it!

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