Seeking contributors for an upcoming event marketing article - Share your tips below!


I am looking for contributors, event marketers and professionals, to share their insights, thoughts, experiences, and tips for Twitter event marketing.

Your contribution should be about a paragraph in length, give or take. In return, I will publish your name, headshot, and link with the article.

Please submit your insights on marketing an event on Twitter below. Let me know if you have any questions!


Event marketing on Twitter is all about engaging with your target audience, the platform thrives on interaction. It’s the place to

  • Share information
  • Interact with past and potential event attendees
  • To drive engagement for promotional campaigns
  • Mange customer service
  • Increase brand awareness

Tweets should be conversational because this increases engagement. When sending out links try “What do you think of my latest blog post?”, title and link instead of sharing title and link. You need to create a thrinving community around your event or brand and Twitter is an excellent place to do this.