Seeking contributors for music events trends piece!

Hi everyone. I’m compiling a post for the Eventbrite blog about the music event trends for 2018 that event managers, marketers, promoters etc should be on top of.

What do you think will be hot at concerts, club nights, festivals etc this year, and why? How can music event organisers harness these trends to improve their own events?

I’m looking for emerging trends and/or new developments and innovations that organisers may not have considered yet.

It’d be great to hear your thoughts. I can credit you and your company if you’d like to provide a link to a site. Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Jess!

First off, Happy New year! I hope the holidays have been splendid for you. Currently, I work at an events tech/advertising company and we cater to many industries ranging from trade shows all the way to large scale music festivals.

More recently we have seen an increase in the demand for technology that creates a unique experience for the users. When we think of who is attending these music festivals or art events world, they are typically millennials. These attendees thrive on experiences.

Experiential marketing is on the rise. People are sick of being blatantly advertised to but instead seek an experience or a reward. I was just talking about this on another post but social vend has been a unique way of capturing data, social media, etc. without the pain of actually asking. Think of it as a vending machine that is 100% customizable.

Any arts event can easily lease one of the social vend machines and up-sell the branding to large companies. The interaction on the touchscreen of the social vend machine is customizable… you can put a game on the touchscreen, a social interaction and much more. Once the action is complete, the machine will than give the prize which is also customizable. One possible interaction is Ray Bans using the social vend machine at Coachella. They can input a specific social interaction. One that is complete, the user inputs their username which the machine will than recognize and give the prize out to that user.

Another trend I have notice are tech companies working together in the events industry to create a unique experience. InCharged recently teamed up with Uber and created a “charge and go” station at Coachella 2016. People were encourage to wait for there Ubers at the charging station or just in general use the charging stations. But what makes a charging station unique for large scale events? Communication and documenting are the reasons. Communication between friends at the concert is imperative whether it’s knowing there whereabouts or because of safety concerns especially with the rise of terrorism at large scale events. Additionally, how would a concert attendee order there Uber home without a charged phone?

I think really catering to the users experience at these events is the end goal. Try to customize a unique experience for them, care for their safety and overall give them the necessities needed in their everyday lives and you will have a successful, safe and fun event.


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In 2018 people need to start respecting social media. By that I mean people need to stop broadcasting information and to actually start talking. Social media is all about creating a community around a common cause, that cause is your event.
The name shouldn’t be social media because it gives everyone the wrong idea, it should be called social and media.
Events should have a social media manager who has got an outgoing personality. There’s no point having a social media manager who is boring and answers queries by using a pre-prepared cheat sheet.
Media is all about great visuals, you will not sell an event on text alone. Strong eye catching images and videos are really important to sell an event to the wider world. Show everyone the event being set up, what happens behind the scenes and the event being pulled down. Live video is becoming far more wildly used and Facebook have already given a priority to videos in it’s newsfeed.
If you have a motivated and engaged audience, 2018 will be a great year for your event.

Thanks Dewi. Interested in the point about attendees wanting more behind-the-scenes footage. Are you familiar with any cool new ways of doing this?

Thanks Ray, some great ideas here. The social vend machines sound great - can we expect to see these at UK festivals this summer do you think?

I am pretty sure you will see them at festivals in the U.K. Social Vend was actually created in the U.K. and is expanding now into the states.

Use social media to tease what is happening at your event. Leverage FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive attendance, everyone hates missing out on a great event. Behind the scenes photo or videos can create anticipation well before an event.

A 360 degree photo of the venue well in advance will let your social media followers see the blank canvas that you have to work with. Follow that up with a video to take everyone on a walkthrough of the venue to show them what is going to fill the space.

Give your followers the power to make decisions on your behalf. Do you go with blue, red or green chair covers? Let your followers decide. They will feel pride in the fact that you trust them to choose. Through reprocity they will fell compelled to attend to your event to see the final decisions in their place.

Social media is great place to take everyone on your journey of organising the event. Do this by creating a great story to build an active loyal community around your event, these people will be your ambassadors when the time comes to promote the event.